Best Online Healing Meditation Guide

Best Online Healing Meditation Guide

You Are Silence Itself ~ Guided Meditation with Sri Mooji- Vous êtes le Silence même


guided meditation You are the same Silence [Mooji] Try to feel just the feeling of being.

You do not need your imagination to it.

So, do not create.

There is nothing to create.

Simply remaining empty, in the pulsation to be there is only the feeling of being.

Look and feel.

She does not have the history or the beginning Look and learn.

Did it end? It has no form, no opinions, no beliefs.

And yet there is a wonderful feeling of fullness, if we can use this kind of word here.

Just the presence of sensation.

If there are thoughts or feelings that come, they will not be able to divert your attention and distract you.

These are just feelings.

and there is no effort required to discard it.

Stay only in the Presence.

It is not difficult.

Observe also that there is really no need think about what comes next or what the next step.

There is no need for the next step to be feeling.

She happily remains in itself.

You are not a clan member you are nothing.

All kinds of feelings or thoughts may appear in the vastness of space to be.

They do not cause any disruption.

Note that you can observe.

What it could mean to be disturbed? Who is disrupted? The who and what are only sensations appearing in this open space.

Who are you here? The concepts of past, future and dreams, ambitions, personality, relationships; All this are only sensations and impressions, appears in the space to be.

The same beingness is not attached to those things.

Observe and conscience.

They come and go.

Not identify with anything in particular.

Do not waste your time with your mind now.

If you want later.

You have time for that.

But here, just be yourself.

But there's nothing personal.

You are more authentically yourself impersonally and personally.

Because being personally involved many associations with the person.

While there is none with the Self.

Look how it is and feel what being without expectations.

You do not expect.

No expectations.

There are no steps to do, neither forward nor backward.

You are the same silence.

You will not believe this.

There is nothing to imagine.

The beingness does not need imagination.

It is already in a state of wholeness and no fuss.

In the stories, you have again come into contact with the person.

It does give you no respite.

The concept of person registers in time.

But your essence is timeless.

She has no appointment.

There is nothing to control.

There is no place to go that is better than where you are now.

There is no problem in the notion of going or coming.

Stay in your natural contentment.

We do not ask you to develop any state.

All you do is focus your attention on what is already effortlessly into the Self and what is natural.

What is natural is not to be maintained.

It maintains itself.

Focus your attention on yourself, on your sense of beingness.

Where is he from ? Or is it still never came? If he came, he could also leave.

But if he was just hiding and he was always there, find the cache.

Now that you are here nothing is missing ; anything of value.

Nothing that is true is missing.


Does it can disappear? Is it different from what you are? Does it belong to someone? Can we lose? Can we keep it? Can you be disappointed? Judge he? Remember that in the depths of your being.

You are the unchanging One, appearing in the guise of the impermanent.

But what is changing you feel, because it is momentary and it is for the time.

You can collect your Self independently.

You can just be.

And you already are.

The weather.

What is the time for you? What belongs to you in time? Look.

What you are it is the time? Observe.

Are you dreaming this? Are you still trying to invent? No.

For once, do not create.

Look, simply.



Be with it, rather than telling it.

Are one with it.

This is the true respect for self, this is to honor Self.

Do not let the mind create a sense of separation in you.

You do One.

You all.

As we come to the end of the Satsang, it should not make any difference to you, internally.

Only surface things will move according to what they need to be in the moment.

But you remain the stationary observer.

The indivisible A No effort is required.

The mind always has something to say.

But in truth, you have nothing to say.

Thank you ! Om.


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