Best Online Healing Meditation Guide

Best Online Healing Meditation Guide

YINTROSPECTION: Intro To Meditation For A Peaceful Mind!


Hey everybody, I'm Tara.

This is Yintrospection.

Today I want to tell you about meditation and why I think it's so important.

I began a very serious meditation practice about a year and a half ago.

It was almost by accident, after I took a class called Jade Woman qi gong at my acupuncture school, and this type of qi gong is really good for a woman's health and I was really unhealthy at the time so that's really what drove me to my practice.

I was like oh I'm gonna get so much healthier it's going to be great.

But actually, what happened was I found extreme emotional health that I hadn't had any time before in my life.

My emotions really stabilized and I became more emotionally aware and present and I fell in love with it and now I practice that type of qi gong every single morning.

I think that a lot of people are intimidated by meditation but there are so many different kinds and you can really find your style.

Sometimes meditating just involves going outside on a walk by yourself and like, no music or anything, just like thinking.

Just allowing your thought process to have its time.

So I practice every day between 30 and 60 minutes.

There are some days where I just don't have that time and I can only do 10 to 20, but I still take some time because it clears my head for the rest of my day.

Meditation is a primary practice for personal growth and to deal with your own issues.

If you have old emotions and baggage throughout life and you just carry it forever you really aren't growing very far in life and you're spending all this time on the same lessons over and over again just because you aren't taking the time to look at it.

If meditation makes you nervous start with very very small time periods.

Start with a three-minute meditation where you just set the timer on your phone and set it to the side and you just sit in silence and breathe and just focus on breathing in and out and just notice where your thoughts go and when you notice that your mind is like racing, kind of will it to be a little bit quieter and think, "Okay, that's what I'm thinking about," and let it go.

And be still again.

More thoughts will come in and then you'll be like "Oh my gosh, I'm thinking about work and I'm not even at work.

" Let it go and then come back into it, and try that for three minutes.

In a few days try it for five, try it for ten.

It'll get better.

Thanks for watching my video today.

I'm Tara, subscribe to my channel if you're interested in being more tuned in to yourself.



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