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Who’s the best healer( secret of soul healing) by Bapuji


Who is the best healer(Secret of soul healing)by Bapuji.

Param Shanti Bapuji.

Today we talk about healing.

I have lot of questions related to healing.

Worldwide today,variety of healing therapies in different names are prevalent.

Also known as alternatetheory of healing.

Healing is done by transferring the power.

It is also believed that healingcan remove karmic blocks or bad energy and pave the way towards salvation of the soul.

It is said that there are many advantages of healing.

We will know what is the reality.

Also I would like to know upto what extent healer can transfer power to someone and whatis his source of power? Another important question I want to ask, is there any karmabandhan between the healer and the person who is undergoing healing therapy?We have heard, during ancient time sages and saints do healing from their own power.

Also I want to know, is it necessary to take healing from others? Who is the ultimate healerin the whole world? Does healer also get sick? Is it possibleto heal people in a group? Today there are various what’sup groups performing grouphealing.

They said if you are ill then give your photo, all group members will help youto recover.

If the healer himself does not have stablemind then what will be result of healing procedure done by him.

You have said many time that one should not take even shadow of the negative people.

If we happen to meet such a healer who is negative inside and looks positive outwardlythen what will be the effect of healing therapy in our soul?We want to know every aspect of healing.

Please guide us what is the truth.

Bapuji: World wide many healing therapies are gaining popularity.

There are varietyof healing therapies.

But main thing is to understand that the person who heals and theperson who is undergoing treatment, there has to be the transfer of power between them.

Healer transfer his own power to the other person who is stressed or sad because of hisphysical illness or other problem.

Ultimately such people go to healing therapist but importantthing, you asked that in ancient time, sages and saints also have healing powers to curebut how can you compare between the soul power of ancient sages and saints and the powerof present time human beings or healing therapists? Sages and saints of ancient period connectwith supreme soul and take power directly from incorporeal power house, from the highestauthority.

They did not take power from human beings.

Sages and saints take power from incorporealform of supreme soul.

They take power from Par Brahma Param Ishwar.

They have powersto heal from far away distance.

They can cure within seconds by transferringpower to the soul who is in pain.

When big sages and saints go in a meditative stagecan visualize the whole world.

Whenever they saw anyone depressed they send power to recoverthe person and within a seconds all his disease and problems were resolved.

Blind person get power to see and leprosy patients in acute condition get cured.

If we imagine the stage of sages and saints during ancient period and the feeling or mentalstate of people in present time, there is lot of difference between the two.

If youcompare those who are giving healing therapies which become a profession nowdays.

If thehealer does not have power then what will he transfer to other person.

In the past fromwhere sages and saints get power and healing therapists nowdays from where they get power? Anant:In short I have to say that healerstake powers from the angels also known as farishta, god and goddess, good souls andspirits etc.

I want to know do angels have power or not?Bapuji:Any human being take power from angel or farishta.

How far these angels resides.

Today scientists says that gravity of our sun extend upto 75,000 crore K.


Who live within the range of gravity of sun that is 75,000 crore K.


may be the residentof subtle world whom you call as farishta or angel how much power they have.

Angels have body of three elements, ether, air and fire.

Gravity of sun attract fireelement in the body of angels.

Body of angels is of three elements ether, air and fire.

Fire element in the body is not the power.

Anant: It is said that angels have lightedbody.

Bapuji: Ghosts and demons also have lightedbody.

Their body made up of three elements.

They can also travel anywhere in the worldin one second.

Anant: We are talking about how healing canbe done.

Bapuji: Healing therapists are taking powerfrom their source, the angels and now angles also have no power.

What they have is onlygoing to transfer in others.

You said that if mental state of the healingtherapist is not good or thinking of somebody or if he is in anger then his aura get redand the same will pass on to the other person.

One has to see, are healers living life ofausterity like sages and saints.

Sages and saints take power from Parbrahma Param Ishwarin incorporeal form.

Anant: Bapuji, one thing I want to tell abouthealing that healer became a mediator, take power from the angel he believe and transferit to the other person.

This is the procedure they follow because they don’t have theirown power.

Bapuji: Take power from angels but how farthese angles are.

Whoever comes within range of sun gravity, do not have power.

According to rule of the soul, those who are in the area of sun gravity that soul is inkarma bandhan.

It applies to everyone whether angel in three elements or human beings infive elements.

Anant:That means both giver and take of healingtherapy came in the cycle of karma bandhan.

Bapuji: Karma bandhan will come.

Theory ofkarma applies to everyone.

Anant: Then how healing can help to eliminatesins.

Bapuji: Nowdays, profession of healing therapyis going on in the world but healers themselves don’t have power then what they are transferringto other person.

Now they are doing group healing by placing photo of that person.

Anant: They said giving good wishes and blessingsfor the well being of the person.

Bapuji: Whose blessings will work? It is saidone who blesses should be an ascetic(tapasvi) and renunciator(tyagi).

If he has powers,only then the receiver blessed with power.

If somebody bless you.

Good wishes are flowingtowards you but there is no power in the feelings and he is filled with junk(negative energy)then the same will be transferred to you.

Giver is giving whatever he has, power orblessings but also negative energy in his soul.

What type of energy the other personreceive.

Sages were always in remembrance of AlmightyAuthority.

They connect themselves with incorporeal powerhouse.

Sages and saints heal in theirmeditative stage (Samadhi avastha).

Anant: Bapuji, in shiv yog power is takenfrom shiv.

Shiv is the creater of this brahmand with limited power to operate it.

Regardingexistence of supreme power, you have already mentioned in a video.

Also there is meditationvideo.

You have given knowledge about astral travelling, invisible science and variousother topics.

I want to say, in reality we are binding ourselveswhile healing process.

If we borrow one rupee that also make a karma bandhan.

Receivingblessings from somebody or during healing we go on increasing our karma bandhan accountwith every such action.

So what is the ultimate source of power.

Like Angels also have limited powers.

You said that they cannot go beyond the gravityarea of the sun.

There are angels/saints in various layers of bhuvarlok, swarglok, maharlok,janlok, taplok and satya lok.

Sages and saints can go upto their level not beyond that.

Anglesalso have their fixed levels.

In reality those who want power what he had to do.

Bapuji: I have told in one of my video about meditation.

Yog means connection and whomdo we meditate upon to empower ourselves.

Look for that source.

Who is powerhouse.

Onewho is creater and controller of the infinite world is the ultimate healer.

Controller,healer of the whole world and source of power is Almighty Authority who control billionsof multiverses.

Anant: Visible and invisible.

Bapuji: Visible world is nothing in comparison to invisible world.

Invisible world is verybig.

That is why Bhagwan Krishna said in Gita ‘Forgetyour body and bodily relations, remember me the supreme soul while being in soul consciousness,I will clear all your sins’.

Why don’t you search Almighty Authority.

Why you approachan ordinary human being for healing.

Watch my video that Almighty Authority whois powerhouse and in incorporeal form.

Anant: Today human being want fast results.

Like popping a pill and alright within few hours.

Bapuji: What you gain from such healers who are filled with negative thoughts and performthe healing process with such thoughts.

Same energy will be transferred to the other person.

Ultimately his causal body has negative energy.

If the healer has been a powerful soul thenhe would not be in a human body now.

If you have the knowledge of karma philosophy,why someone born as human being.

Initially angels become deities and from deities theyturn into human being.

You are taking power from a human soul who is not an angel.

Anant: Healing and power should be taken froman angel.

Bapuji: But an angel after crossing the limitbecome diety and then to human being.

I am saying heal yourself from the power ofAlmighty Authority who is power house.

Shiv is the creator and controller of this solarsystem, Mahashiv is the creator of galaxy and param mahashiv is the creator of universe.

But Almighty Authority who is incorporeal.

Muslims remember him as sare jahan ka noormeans controller of the infinite world.

Noor means light.

God is light.

Parbrahma ParamIshwar, there are various names of god.

Remember that powerful light or noor.

If you remember angels or go to a human soul.

Those who have the understanding of karmatheory angels become a diety and the diety has to take birth as a human soul when humanthink of earning more money at any cost further downgrade himself.

If someone is a powerful soul he will divert his attention to be in a meditative stage.

Why need arises to acquire money by fooling the people.

Those who are taking fees andcharging for various services in the world means they are entangled in this illusionaryworld.

Money means illusory.

Are they providing services at free of cost to anyone? Greedto have more behind all these activities.

They are not at the level of sages and saints,did not have connection with powerhouse.

Mind(mansa) is also not purified.

What you gain from suchsouls? Instead take power directly from the powerhouse and come in connection with thehealer of the entire world.

Then soul will be filled with knowledge andcharged.

All bad energy will be removed and causal body will get charged and when youdepart this body, the soul will attain the highest supreme abode.

Anant: Nowdays people believe in short termcourse of healing or treatment like going to a doctor or healer, take medicine and okon the fourth day.

Like people go to a healer to attend course of 4 or 5 days and afterthrough the plan of the course they may get cured or relieved due to their stage of thesoul.

Bapuji: Today effect of illusion (maya) hasincreased manifolds and the people entangled in illusory world want quick results of everythinglike earning money or healing of the body like taking medicine or injection and recoverwithin few days.

But this is not the way.

Some may go to grah shanti.

Planets also doesnot have power.

Raavan had destroyed planet under his feet.

He beat rahu and shani and controlled all of them by tying with his bed.

Later Hanumanjifreed them.

If you take power from Almighty Authority then what these planet can do toanyone.

I have already told in many videos that alldeities like god of air, god of fire, god of water all of them became human beings.

Why rain does not pour down after yagya or havan.

Why there are happening of naturalcalamity? Why earth has become so much negative (tamo pradhan).

Think about this in widerperspective.

Anant: Bapuji you have told us that if youremain in connection with negative people then their negativity will also influenceyou (sang ka rang).

Bapuji: Negative people have shadow or aura.

Negative people have negative aura.

Angry people have red aura.

Creative people haveblue aura.

Aura changes with the changing of thoughts or the state of mind.

So try toavoid even shadow of such people.

That why it is said dogs are to be kept outside thehouse because the dog has bad aura.

Nowdays people intelligence has become animallike or stone like.

Anant: In foreign countries people used tokeep pet animals like dog and cat in their home.

Bapuji:What is the condition of the mind of foreign people.

They are like animals.

Theylove animals but not human beings.

What is their stage of the soul.

Anant: There also karmic relation exist betweenthem.

Bapuji: Sometime back I have seen a videoin Ancient Aliens TV channel which said worms are our ancestors.

So why worms become theancestors of human beings.

Human beings are actually the incarnation of angels.

Initiallygod created angels after the creation of this brahmand.

Anant: In the programme of ‘Ancient Aliens’every word is not come out to be true.

Bapuji: Researchers have the opinion thatsome inspiration is helping or guiding them in their research.

Like scientists are doingexperiments through some inspiration.

We cannot deny all these facts.

Anant: Each one has his limit.

Bapuji: It is written in our scripture, garud puran that god of 33 crore deities has tobecome a worm due to sin.

This is true.

In the end after long span of crores years, asoul downgrade itself upto the level of two cell or one cell and the soul became powerless.

Today's main subject is healing and from whom one has to take power or not, everyone shouldthink about this.

How is your healer.

Is he engrossed in worldly attachments (mayavi)or not? If he is devoid of any attachment of this illusionary world then he will notcharge anything for his services.

One should provide services free of cost if someone propagatehimself to be a powerful true healer.

Anant: Various healers provide healing servicesat different places.

Why don’t they provide their services in a hospital.

Bapuji: If they have power they must practice it in a hospital for the benefit of peopleat larger scale.

But they don’t have power.

Anant: In reality from where they get powerand upto when it will be retained by them.

Bapuji: They take power from angels.

In presenttime angels themselves don’t have power.

Angels also downgraded themselves and alldeities have become humans.

Whomever you remember there is a ………….

inhealing that he become a ghost after death.

What you gain from those souls.

You call themangels I call them ghosts because he is dead and now in three elemental body.

May be itis founded by a saint.

Now great sages and saints departed their body and go to the higherrealms of the space upto saptarishi to big stars.

They have gone very far away, beyondthe stage of causal body.

Anant: That means angels who are coming herehave any attachment of this world.

Bapuji:Watch one of my video, I have explainedabout this that souls of subtle world came into this gross world and make group here.

After coming into the cycle of birth they are increasing their members into their communitiesor religions.

All founders of different religions and communities have come from subtle world.

What you see in this physical world, that you see in subtle world.

Souls of subtle worldmeans souls of three elements and by remembering them you will not gain any power.

Take powerfrom ultimate source of power or powerhouse Understand and believe in powerhouse who isthe only giver to the entire creation.

All other are takers.

Have direct connection withpowerhouse.

Know about the correct method of connection and do meditation.

Connectionmeans yog.

Anant:Bapuji now we go a little deeper intothis.

You have elaborately explained about this in one of your video.

When we rememberfather of the infinite power starts coming into our subtle body and causal body.

Whenwe receive power it will also cure our physical body.

Bapuji: Initially diseases starts first in the mind.

Mind means manomaya sharir or causalbody.

Body created due to the thoughts in mind is causal body.

So disease first comein the mind then it pass on to causal body.

From where it came into the mind? Anant: By seeing, hearing and from the atmosphere.

Bapuji: mind, words and deeds what you think and what you do cause disease in the mind.

Thoughts in the mind transferred to causal body and from causal body it came into subtlebody which effect subtle body, aura also get effected and its impression will transferredto the physical body.

If you connect with powerhouse and receivepower from the powerhouse which will charge your soul.

Your soul will get illuminated.

Ultimately soul needs power and that power will come from powerhouse only.

Nobody cantransfer that power to you.

Soul need supreme light (param light) not this light or thelight of sun.

Light of the sun is fire element.

Anant: Our soul need power of supreme elementand supreme light and their deficiency in the soul create diseases in the body.

Youtell us that by remembering father of the infinite,supreme light and supreme elementscome from the powerhouse.

Main source to empower five elements ether, air, fire, water andearth are supreme element and supreme light.

With the power of supreme light five elementsin the body get charged.

Alongwith it our subtle body and causal body also get charged.

Then our manomaya body get charged and gradually our physical body also get cured.

Now pleasetell us for how much time we can do meditation and how to get power fast because you toldus that our body is the result of birth cycle in crores.

So it is not going to happen infew minutes.

Bapuji: You became human after uncountablelife cycles of birth and death.

Formerly you were an angel.

In many cycle of birth, soulbecome extremely negative.

While remaining in continuous connection with power houseslowly your soul get charged or powerful.

Just like your mobile charged after sometimenot immediately.

That is why it is written in scriptures ‘ becomea karmayogi’ always remember me in the state of soul consciousness.

Then slowly powerfrom the powerhouse will be received by you.

Method to remember is mentioned in Gita ’forgetyour body and bodily relations, not to abandon them, while living a family life, forget fromthe mind and in a soul conscious state, remember me.

Remember incorporeal form of powerhouse.

First you should have the experience of soul consciousness.

Should have awareness thatI am a soul.

Anant: Bapuji I have a question.

I take seminarfor students.

In that I tell students that in one day there are 60,000 seconds.

Out of24 hours, we sleep for 8 hours remaining 16 hours if converted into seconds will be around60,000 seconds.

If we spend half of 60,000 seconds in positive remembrance of god thenour soul starts charging and if we able to remember Almighty Authority or supreme lightconstantly for 60,000 seconds then our soul gradually filled up with power and deficiencyeliminated.

So every individual has to be in full awarenessevery second what I am thinking and whom I am thinking.

You tell us about the reasonfor unhappiness that every person think about the whole world but forget to think for theself.

People forget about thoughts for the self and thinking about others has started.

If a soul starts to remember supreme soul for 60,000 seconds continuously then his lifewill be changed.

Bapuji: First,there should be the proper methodto connect with Almighty Authority.

Before that soul should have knowledge.

Alongwithknowledge there comes the method to meditate.

Method means knowledge.

You don’t have tobe a sanyasi.

While living a family life, fulfilling all your family responsibilitiestry to be in a state of karma yogi or soul consciousness whole day require lot of practice.

To connect with supreme soul is knowledge.

First, it is to take knowledge and there shouldbe the practice to be in soul consciousness, experience mayajit means to be in a calm positivestate of god remembrance inspite of what is going on around you and no attraction of worldlymatters while living in this materialistic world.

Every thing is false worldly attractions, body and this world(juthi maya, juthi kayajutha jag sansar).

Slowly thoughtless state comes and causalbody get charged.

In the end when you leave your body you will attain me.

Whomever youremember you will get that only.

If you remember ghosts you will go to them.

If you remembersupreme soul then your destination will be highest supreme abode.

Soul become incorporeal.

Anant: This has to be done for myself onlyor can we meditate for the benefit of other people also.

Bapuji: First illuminate your soul then only you can illuminate other soul.

Anant: We can give knowledge about this.

Bapuji: Give knowledge in the whole world.

Connect with power house and illuminateyour soul power.

There are variety of soul.

Some are like 10 watt bulb some one is of1000 watt or 1lakh watt.

Anant: if we give healing to somebody, isthis all temporary.

Bapuji: There is no one on this earth whocan heal other.

He himself has the quality of anger, greed and lust.

What can he transferto you.

What he has only that will be transferred to you.

So take direct power from AlmightyAuthority, power house.

Why you take via some other.

Anant: This is a bitter truth.

Bapuji: This is ultimate truth.

I know very well about these healers.

They are all materialisticpeople.

If you come in contact with materialistic healers then you also receive their bad energy.

If he take power from an angel, souls within the range of sun gravity are not angels.

Angelsare those who are beyond the range of sun gravity.

Those who don’t have any attractionor relation in this gross world are known as farishta or angel.

Anant: Bapuji, main source of power of thisbrahmand is shiv.

Bapuji: Take power from shiv, you will becomeequivalent to shiv.

If you take power from mahashiv then equivalent to mahashivand further if your take power from param mahashiv you will have power to reach theuniverse.

What you want to become, shiv or mahashiv or param mahashiv or you want togo to Almighty Authority.

Anant: if a person wants to be cured onlythen what he has to do.

Bapuji: This knowledge is not for negativepeople.

Those who believe in this materialistic world.

Anant: Our aim to open eyes of the whole world.

Nobody has given this knowledge so far.

People mentality is more towards earning money, nameand fame in the name of healing centres.

They want to promote their work and name.

But nobodyis interested to know about supreme soul and to make him known or to manifest him.

Bapuji: Truth is always bitter.

I am not saying all this on my own.

During deep meditation,the Almighty Authority, the controller of the controller of billions of multiple universesemerge knowledge within me.

He show me the entire space full of galaxies and universe.

I am telling this straightforwardly to aware and benefit of all.

Instead of believing inhuman soul, search for Almighty Authority for the power which is like a drop in theocean.

He is the ocean of power.

He is ocean of knowledge.

He is the ocean of kindness.

I am telling the truth which may seem bitter to most of the people.

Anant: You have always reminded us about theimportance and value of knowledge in our life.

Knowledge alone can benefit in every aspectof life.

Even if you wish to change someone is not sufficient to bring change unless thesoul himself take interest to understand and follow it.

You have described everything.

Everyone has to take a positive step towards his own welfare.

Nobody can do that for you.

Everyone has to purify his past bad karmas.

Therefore, knowledge and yog is only supportfor the welfare of the soul.

Knowledge is already given in videos like there is a video‘The secret of Yoga’ which is very good in which you have given all your life experience.

In future we will ask and gain knowledge from you.




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