Best Online Healing Meditation Guide

Best Online Healing Meditation Guide



Now, we have just reached the forest.

Altogether there are 5 people.

Starting off with our very first meditation camp in the woods.

Look at the road ahead, it's beautiful.

Tonight, after we have taken our shower, we will pray and meditate till the next day.

We will leave by tomorrow.

This evening, we will meditate in the rainforest.

We need to let the forest spirits and watchers know of our presence here.

Since we are 'renting' their territory (place).

(Jasper in background: Dato Goddess?) Yes, Dato kung, all the mountain goddess and deva.

Please offer these to them.

and place these under tree.

Say "Please forgive us upon any unintentional mistakes or wrong doings we might make during our stay here".

Alice: (Speaking in Bahasa Melayu) Dear Dato Kung and all local devas, we seek your protection under your dwellings.

Please forgive us upon any mistakes and wrong doings.

We seek your permission to allow us to camp here, our purpose of coming is for prayers and meditation.

It is our hope that everything will go well as planned under all your (Deva, Natok Kung) watch and care.

With this, I offered our thanks in advance.

Now, we are done setting up our tents.

The atmosphere in the forest is excellent.

Very good with great 'Feng Shui'.

Just right behind our camping ground is the sea.

Azam, Alice mama and Jasper are over there.

I will teach them on prayers and meditation in this forest.

We brought our 'Pali Evening Chanting' books along.

This is awesome.

I invite you all to join us next time when you have the time.

This place is great for meditation and relaxation.

We set our Buddha here, in the midst of this forest to pray to Buddha.

This setting is exactly like a temple alter; small and simple.

Just perfect.

See those forest trail lights, that will guide us for tonight's walking meditation.

Ok now, it's time to bath.

("Chanting") Two nights before the Occurance of SUPERMOON.

Before sleeping, chant "Buddha sarangnang gachami, Dhamma sarangnang gachami, Sangha sarangnang gachami.

" Nothing can disturb you in your sleep.

Chant repeatably.

Just like Sombej Phra Chanto.

The Holy (Phra Chanto) only chants this verse when he is in the forest; not too many (chants).

Any black magics couldn't strikes you.

Neither ghosts or spirits can disturb and attack you.

Sathu, good night.

This is the beach, opening up to a beautiful ocean.

The beauty of this place is breathtaking, good thing that it is not far from our temple.

It's a stone throw away from our temple, not more than 1*5km drive, only about 1*3km distance.

Please join us next time for this camp, together we calm our mind and meditate.

Just come down and join us, at least once a month.

Take 1 day off your busy schedule to meditate with us, hiking through the forest trail.

Samnak Santi Tham invites you, sincerely.

Next camp, ok? Look at her, she used to be a teacher, but now dedicate her time solely on praying and meditation.

Thus has joined Samnak Santi Tham ever since.

Gorgeous place.

So many beautiful spots to lay our meditation mats, even at night.

Buddha is not anywhere, but He is everywhere.

Prayers alone can't guarantee you happiness.

It has to be generated from you – Non greedy, non angry self.

That Buddha (oneself) follows you, wherever you go.

Now that we are here, we pray and meditate to Buddha.

It is the same principle.

Alice in background : Wherever we go, Buddha is in our heart.

Now we start our meditation session.

Alice in background: Ok, now we meditate, put your hands like this, and concentrate, breathe in and breathe out.

I wish, more devotees could join us (next time).

I, Phra Ajahn Kittiphat wishes to thank you all for joining me on this meditation camp for 1 and a half days and 1 night.

When Buddha was alive, HE used to say this: "Even 1 night or 1 day, it is sufficient for you to earn tremendous merits".

In a next cycle of life, even if we don't enter Arahant or Sarakami realms, we still will be blessed with a healthy, beautiful body of a Deva or a human.

Now I wanted to dedicate a prayer to all of you, wishing you the best in career and health.

This is what a monk does, as per Buddha has assigned us.

Monk to guide layperson.

Alice in background: Phra (teacher) is very happy, and wishes to thank us for taking part in this meditation.

Alice (translating) : Sifu's real task is coming to teach us Dhamma, meditation.

Alice : So he will pray for us, so that we are safe, healthy and that everything good will be on the way.

He will pray for us.

For next time, this is our plan.

If any of you are free in schedule, we can camp out and meditate once in every month or two.

and finally today, before we end our meditation camp, I wished to thank you all once more.

Sathu, sathu.

Alice in background: He wished to thanks all of us.



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