Best Online Healing Meditation Guide

Best Online Healing Meditation Guide

Powerful Chakra Meditation for Balancing and Healing


[music] Hi everyone! I'm Melanie the Medium, and thankyou for joining me for this episode of TrueYou TV, helping you live your truth and love yourlife.

Today I'm sharing a meditation to help youheal and balance your chakras, which are the energy centers in your body.

I hope you enjoythis meditation, and join me for more inspiration at MelanieTheMedium.


You can keep your eyes open or closed forthis chakra healing meditation.

We will focus on the 7 main chakras, one at a time.

Takea deep breath of relaxation now, let it out slowly, and Bring your attention to your first chakra,located at the base of your spine and associated with the color red.

As you focus on this chakra,remind yourself, You are here now.

You are safe.

You are comforted.

You have all youneed to survive and thrive in your life.

Your body is filled with strength and vibrant energy,and you use this energy to make your mark on the world.

You use this energy for thehighest good of all.

Now move your attention to your second chakra,just below your navel and associated with the color orange.

As you focus on this chakra,remember that You are not alone.

You are connected to others and connected to all that is.

Youare the creator of the experiences in your life.

You can create any experience you desire.

You get pleasure from the world and from being alive.

The colors, scents, sounds, physicalsensations.

Everything in this world brings you pleasure and joy.

You are here to create,and it is easy for you to create the experience you desire.

It feels good to be you in theworld.

The third chakra, located above your navel,is associated with the color yellow.

As you focus on the color yellow, remember that Youare creative and joyful.

You are free to be you in the world.

You are unique and feelsure of your special gifts and talents.

You share your true self with the world, gladlyand boldly.

You accept yourself as you are in each moment.

You accept yourself with love.

The fourth chakra is in the center of yourchest, where your heart is, and it is associated with the color Green.

Imagine filling thischakra with beautiful green light and remind yourself that You are connected to your emotions.

You use your emotions to inform you about your life and the decisions you are making.

You feel connected to the people around you.

You respond to yourself and others with compassionand understanding.

No matter how you or others show up in the world, you respond with love.

You know love is your true essence, and it infuses your body and your life with a deepsense of contentment.

Bring your awareness to your throat now, wherethe 5th chakra is located.

As you focus on the color blue, remind yourself that You speakyour truth with love and conviction.

You communicate who you are and how you feel.

You listen withlove, and you share with love.

Each loving word you speak resonates throughout your bodyand fills you with feelings of peace.

You know your voice makes a difference, and youuse your voice for the love and joy of yourself and others.

Your sixth chakra is located in the centerof your forehead, and it is associated with the color purple.

Imagine this center filledwith beautiful purple light, and remind yourself that You have the insight you need to moveforward in your life.

You are sure of your direction, and you trust yourself.

You seepast obstacles in your life and easily find the way forward.

You trust your inner knowingand use it to inform your decisions and make your life easier.

You have access to peacefulinsight in each moment.

At the top of your head is the seventh chakra.

Picture the color white with this chakra, surrounding your body with beautiful whitelight.

You are connected to all the love in the universe.

You know you are part of thebigger picture.

You are surrounded by love, and only love can influence your life.

Youbring light and joy everywhere you go, and you easily see the higher purpose for theevents in your life.

You are one with what you want to create in the world.

Anythingyou want for yourself already exists.

Picture the reality you want right now and feel itas your current truth.

This is who you are and what your life is like.

Feel the feelingsof lightness and joy that come with successfully creating the life you want.

It is so good.

And you are so capable.

As you accept these messages, your chakrasare balanced and healed.

These loving messages and feelings stay with you through your dayand throughout your life.

You are a gift to the world, and in each moment your presencemakes a difference.

When you are ready, open your eyes.

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