Best Online Healing Meditation Guide

Best Online Healing Meditation Guide

Mindfulness Meditation – For Healing Yourself and Others – Dr Judy Hinwood


it's actually in the middle of the night in australia, and I'm inspired to get up and talk with you.

i've woken up, thinking about a friend whose partner was in hospital, in the same city as us and we didn't know.

We weren't able to help and support, and this friends been a really good friend to us and led me to think about my highest value.

The thing that's most important to me in my life and that's oneness.

I believe that we all came from the same source of energy and that we are here to assist one another as best we can.

So i thought i'd offer you a mindfulness meditation on healing yourself and others which is about joining together and looking after one another as best we can.

we all share the same sorts of fears about our lives, we all share the same doubts about our abilities and how we can help one another.

And here's our beautiful cat to come to join me.

This is Soosie she's not well.

So, we'll let her share in this moment.

So we come from the same source because we have life, energy we all have this; we are all coming from the same source so we are all for me equal and one, there can't be any such thing as a separation I'd love to do a meditation with you about that because it's it's absolutely the core of what I do and what I believe in what i know and i really love you to do this with me, if thats ok.

So, i want you too imagine an energy an energy force surrounds you, and gives you life, however you see that lets call it spirit and i know it and think of it as white light but what ever is true for you with your spiritual religious beliefs, beliefs let's take that.

So, if you want to close your eyes and imagine a force field around you of life energy it's yours because we all come from the same source we're all born to learn about this energy and take it in for our own use and others use.

So, imagine a ball of energy above your head, or a force field around you and allow this to draw into you, into your Center and radiate and feel your body.

this is your birthright this is healing.

you may feel the ripples going out through your body as i do and there's a peace and calmness about that.

just sit quietly in the calm and know, that you're not alone we're never separate, we're all part of this network with one another would you please imagine a connection between you and your family perhaps you might see it as a cord that goes from your Center, the center of your body, to their center.

you may think of it as a as a thought energy going out, and joining you.

and then, to your friends because this is healing.

now I want to see you allow yourself to take in energy from friends and family, that they're giving it back to you.

so the energy is infinite we can take it in and use it, it's infinite, it's endless.

Energy that created the world is available to us; for ourselves and for others so once you felt the healing and the quiet and calm in yourself know that you're giving it out to others just by your choice.

now would you extend that out, to the wider community? From your Center, from your mind whatever works for you.

Some people would think of this sort of like prayer, some people what we will have our own beliefs whatever is true for you let it out and let it come back to you.

let the healing move out to the troubled spots in the world, all the people in trouble.

and let it come back to you again.

so we're never separate.

and we're never alone.

so there is always oneness, there is always unity.

move to that space, whenever you need.

To feel a sense of unity and oneness.

And know that you are spirit.

you're a human being having a spiritual experience.

not the other way around.

your a spiritual being, just having a human experience stay in the calm, for as long as you want to do that.

let it radiate through your body, and know, that you are healthier, and other people are healthier; because what you've just done.


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