Best Online Healing Meditation Guide

Best Online Healing Meditation Guide

Mindfulness Body Scan Meditation for Relaxation and Healing


Hey everybody, it's Leigh Tremaine here.

Today I'm going to be talking about the mindfulness body scan, and will guide you through a body scan meditation.

A body scan is a simple but powerful mindfulness technique that we can use to become more aware of and present in ourphysical body in the here and now by directing our full attention to each partof our body and how it is feeling or not feeling I define mindfulness as the practice ofconsciously directing our attention to our inner or outer experience in the present moment, without reactivity or distraction.

By paying attention to each part of ourbody, we can become become aware of any conscious or unconscious sensations,emotions, tensions, or resistances that are held in our body that we can acknowledge andrelease.

With mindfulness we can stay present to the body we inhabit and to its feedback messages that are there to inform us about how well we are living.

Sometimes we may ignore the stresses ourbodies incur from our inauthentic lifestyles by suppressing them, numbing ourselves, and dissociating from our bodies.

This cuts us off from our body's natural guidance system and perpetuates inauthentic living.

It is like disconnecting the warning lights from the dashboard of our car! I have designed this mindfulness body scan meditation not only as a means to bring you back to the present and to reconnect you to your body and its messages, but also as ameans to relax and heal yourself.

Mindfulness opens us up to our authentic self, and to the essential life force that nourishes and sustains our physical bodies, restoring energy and vitality to stagnant and deficient areas.

Mindfulness helps us to notice and release the stress and tension that affects our health.

It also helps us to open our senses up and to develop the gratitude to reconnect to the blessings of life that we were previously unconscious of.

All of these things can be profoundly healing, and when followed through with can lead us to a more authentic lifestyle.

So, let's do the mindfulness body scan meditation.

Find a place to relax that's free of distractions.

You can lay down face upwards or sit, with arms and legs uncrossed, so that you are relaxed but alert.

Now close your eyes and take a few deep breaths, bringing your attention into the presentmoment become aware that you are laying orsitting there where you are taking time for yourself.

Now observe the breath as it is, focusing your full attention on it as it comes and goes, aware of the fact that you are breathing.

If your mind wanders that is okay, simply bring your attention back to your breath.

Notice the length and depth of the breath and how it flows.

What its rhythm is like? Be with the breath and observe it without trying to direct it.

Just let it be and flow as it needs to, allowing it to change if and when it needs to.

setting your intention to become more present to your body.

From your centre as observer, become aware of the feeling of the breath as it passes in and out of the nostrils, bringing air and life force into you.

experience your breath just as it is, and allow it to awaken you to the present moment.

now follow your breath as you breathe in, and notice how far it travels into the lungs.

Notice how much your chest expands, how much the breath expands the side of the ribs, or causes the belly to expand.

Where does the breath want to flow when you let go and from your centre just allow it to be? Exhale all of your breath out of your body, and this time breathe in, becoming more aware of all the places in your body you can take your breath into, and allow the breath to flow there if it wants to, as you let go of controlling or holding it, and allow yourself to be more present in your body, and more alive.

Now become aware of the jaw and how it feels, noticing any sensations or lack of sensations, any tightness or tension there that you may have been holding, and allow your breath to flow into your jaw as you breathe in from your centre, and then breathe out, letting any tightness or tension go.

Expand your awareness into your lips, mouth, and tongue, noticing perhaps their delicateness and any sensations as you breathe into this area.

letting go of any tension here as you exhale taking a moment to feel gratitude for all that your lips and mouth do for you.

Take your awareness to your cheeks and up into the temples and notice how they feel, as you expand your breath into them from your centre.

and breathe out with greater presence, and relaxation.

Become aware of your eyes and the muscles around them, breathing the light of your presence into them, acknowledging them for the gift of your sight, and breathing out any tension there as you allow them the fullness of their potential.

And now breathe into your forehead, sensing if there is any tension or holding patterns there, especially due to overthinking.

Sense how you are feeling physically, energetically, mentally, and emotionally and allow your forehead to relax as you breathe out and free it from the weight of your thinking.

This is a time to just be.

As you breathe in from your centre, take your breath into your ears, all the way down into your ear canal and beyond, and let them relax as you acknowledge the gift of hearing and the miracle of the inner ear, and then breathe out with gratitude.

And now become aware of your whole face and its uniqueness, and breathe in to all its features, and breathe out the wonder that you are.

Expand your awareness to include the scalp and the whole head and how it cradles and protects the brain that is so incredible with all that it does for you.

as you breathe in through the crown of your head, filling the entire head, and breathing out with gratitude.

Now bring your attention to the neck and throat area, feeling the softness of the throat, experiencing how this area feels and how the air flows through this area as you breathe in and out, relaxing this area on the out-breath and feeling the gratitude for the words and sounds that are made possible by your throat, and the regulation of your body's metabolism by the thyroid at the base of your throat Breathing in, become aware now of the shoulders and how they feel releasing any tension there as you breathe out.

relaxing into the present moment, allowing the shoulders to relax back and down.

then take your awareness down along the upper arms, elbows, and forearms, breathing into them, feeling any sensations or lack of sensations there, and letting any tension that is there go on the out breath.

Take your attention now to your hands and your fingers, breathing in to them.

feeling any sensation there, and feeling gratitude for the gift of your hands that you touch and handle life with, these skilful hands that enable you to do so many specialised things, from writing down words to brushing your teeth, to caressing a loved one.

And just relax the hands now, all the way from the wrist to the fingertips, as you breathe out.

And now become aware of the chest and how it feels, breathing in and noticing how your ribcage expands as your lungs receive the oxygen that goes into your blood and keeps you alive, along with the constant beating of your heart within your chest, and feeling the gratitude for this and the miracle of being.

Allow your chest to naturally open more if it wants to as you relax, opening up to life like a flower opening its petals, sharing your being as you surrender to the moment, more and more present as you breathe in from your centre and out from your centre.

Become present now to your upper and middle back and the sensations or lack of sensations that are there.

notice if there is any tension in the area and breathe into it, relaxing and softening the muscles there, perhaps feeling the spaces between your vertebrae widening just a little, and slowly breathe out, shoulders gently resting back and down.

Now take your attention to your stomach and notice any sensations there, how it expands with your lungs as you breath into it, acknowledging it and the whole digestive system for transforming the food you eat into nutrients that build your body and nourish you.

letting go of any tension that might be there as you breathe out, feeling more relaxed and nourished in the here and now by this mindfulness practice.

Now travel round to the lower back and become aware of any feelings that may be there, any tension, and breathe into that area, allowing any tension to dissolve as you breathe out, softening the muscles of the lower back,feeling the space between each of the vertebrae, relaxing into the moment.

Become aware if you can of how the lower back connects to the pelvis through the sacrum and the tendons and ligaments there, and become present in your pelvis, noticing any sensations that are there as you breathe into it and the organs within it, honouring this place as the seat of your creativity and joy, and breathe out, letting go of any tension or discomfort, opening the pelvis and relaxing into the now.

Take your attention now to the thighs.

breathing into them and feeling any sensations or lack of sensations there, becoming aware of their muscles and the thigh bones, and how the balls of their joints rest perfectly in the hip sockets, bringing you the gift of movement upon the Earth, and let the thighs soften and relax as you become more present in them, and breathe out.

Now become aware of your knees and breathe into the knee joints that are protected by the kneecaps, just experiencing these knees in the present moment.

and breathe out allowing them to loosen and relax.

Now take your focus to the shins and calves, sensing how they feel, breathing calmness into them and letting them relax as you breathe out.

Let your awareness move down to your ankles, becoming aware of how they join your legs to your feet, and how they feel.

and breathe in to those ankles, relaxing them.

and breathing out.

Now become aware of the feet, the top of each foot and the soles, and then the toes, becoming aware of each toe and how they feel, and all the little bones of the feet.

and breathe into the entire area of each foot, relaxing and breathing out, feeling the space between the toes.

and opening to the gratitude of being able to walk and experience the sensations of the Earth beneath you, because of these feet.

Now become aware of the body as a whole, feeling it from the tips of the toes to the crown of your head.

surrendering to the pull of gravity as you let go and just be.

all of your muscles deeply relaxed, allowing the breath and the life force to move through the entire body, breathing with the whole body from the centre of your being, in the present moment, watching your breath come and go, flowing smoothly.

breathing in the peace, and breathing out the peace.

more relaxed and present in your body, feeling whole, and grateful for the blessings of this moment, and the blessings of your body.

Acknowledge how you have taken time to listen to and honour your body, to replenish your health some more, and to be present and at one with the essence of life that moves through you.

knowing that you can return to this space at any time, and live more and more from it.

And now, when you are ready, begin to move your joints a little, and slowly return to the world around you, gradually opening your eyes, and becoming awake and alert.

So, how did you find that? Practise the mindfulness body scan meditation regularly, and you will find that your skill at being present in your body will increase over time, bringing you greater opportunities for health and authentic living.

So I hope you enjoyed this video.

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Until next time, stay centred!.


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