Best Online Healing Meditation Guide

Best Online Healing Meditation Guide

Meditation ! What ? Why ? How? & some refrences !


Meditation has been around for about thousand and thousand of years.

As a child, I had this notion about meditation a monk sitting on top of a mountain, legs crossed & and doing nothing ! But its actually not like that.

In this video I am gonna cover four things- Some super cool refrences, what is meditation why you must practise it and its benefits and last how to do it Some super cool refrences what is meditation ? since ages people did meditation with only one purpose and that was enlightenment, because all of them believed some questions cannot be answered by Google and Google was like, what ? Now some benefits.

As human beings we have this incredible gift to give meaning to things that empower us or disempower Let's say you fail at something.

What meaning you give ? This is not my thing, or failure is part of success opposite of success is giving up, and I am not going to give up.

Lets say you loose something What meaning you give ? This is the end or Everything happens for a reason.

If I loose something I gain something, I may not see the gain in it But someday I will and on that day every bit of suffering will fade away.

So what meditation does it enlightens us, to give meaning to things To percieve life itself in an empowering way.

Next benefit, I read somewhere people are recording life instead of actually living it.

Phones, selfies and so on.

I know in the back of head they think when years later they look back they would feel great about it, but what about feeling great now ? If you can't find ecstasy in this moment you won't find it when you have more, more money, more people, more of anything ! What meditation does is it makes us more aware, to have the gift of now quality of life already improves.

Dalai Lama said, "If every eight year old in the world is taught meditation we will eliminate violence from the world within one generation.

" Next benefit, this one is proven ! After an eight week course in meditation, amygdala associated with fear and emotion shrinks while pre frontal cortex associated with awareness, concentration and decision making skills becomes thicker.

Brain scans of participants in a meditation study, done by Yale, Harvard and Mass General Hospital showed increases in gray matter in different parts of the brain.

On an average we have 60,000 thoughts, "you see that bird", "I love you",so many thoughts, useless, repetitive thoughts, Several types of meditation, visual, mantra, guided all driven with one purpose to reduce the amount of thoughts entering in our mind, haven't you heard of that chinese proverb- "To a mind that is still whole universe surrenders !" When we meditate our brain waves drop from beta to alpha or even delta and spirituality says when we imagine something in such a state of mind, it has to become a part of our life, ya many of you may be skeptical but thats ok, And then there are so many benefits.

In the last part, how to do it- I am telling you a way to memorize it, see 1,2,3,4,5 1 backbone should be straight, 2 eyes must be closed 3 slow deep breathing, 4 chant a mantra or focus on your breathing 5 index finger, press your index finger, direct co-relation with the mind, and you can focus better you may visualize for better result, thanku, liveWithPassion !.


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