Best Online Healing Meditation Guide

Best Online Healing Meditation Guide

How to Deal with Demotivation and Anxiety in the Morning (Guided Meditation)


Good morning! So you may be lying in bed, you might be stillso drowsy (half in dream-state, half waking up).

the curtains are still closed or you'vemanaged to open them.

And you're just thinking to yourself, "Whew! There's a long day ahead.

or a busy day,or a stressful day.

And, that sort of perspective can be really,really scary.

It can take all the enjoyment out of life.

You can be seeing life as a dreadful task;something that's not so enjoyable; not the sort of thing that you want to wake up inthe morning and go and do.

But, there is a way to just settle this atmosphereand get it on the right trajectory.

It takes a little bit of creative thinking;a little bit of unusual practice but before you know it you'll have a different perspective.

You'll let go of that heavy, negative, tiringmind-set and, hopefully, you'll get some relief (might not be perfect, it's very difficultto wake up in the morning and feel perfect).

But, any small effort to try and make it moredoable for you is a battle won.

So my first advice, take it or leave it, mymom and some of my friends refuse to eat breakfast, but, some nice fruit in the morning, maybea cup of tea will just get your system going and perk you up a little bit and then youcan come and sit down for meditation.

If you just sleepy and your heads still heavy(feels like it's filled with lead), you really are gonna struggle a bit to meditate.

So, maybe you can do some stretching? Get up, jump about a bit? Have a shower? Whatever you need to just elevate your energyand get you a little bit up and going.

Then the magic will start happening.

So, first of all, take a seat comfortably,maybe on your bed with a few cushions under your bum, so that you get nice and comfortable.

And, try and have a positive attitude.

It's really difficult; and this is like meditationweight-lifting in a way.

You've got to lift your attitude out of anegative state.

And, it does, it takes a lot of will-power;it takes the ability to let go of attachment to your negative state (and just try somethingnew).

Just give it a go, if it doesn't work foryou, well I can assure you, you can go back to your negative mood and it won't be thatdifficult.

So, meditation weight-lifting guys: havingthe will to just lift it up into a positive state and believing that it's going to havebenefit.

Because the way you see the world is definitelyinfluenced by your attitude towards the world, and so, that's really important to bear inmind.

So by now you're sitting, I would say trykeep your eyes half open.

They call it the mystic gaze.

You're kind of gazing 45 degrees below youreyesight.

You're not really focussing on where you'relooking.

You're more focussing on your consciousness.

So, you're trying to be aware of what you'rehearing, how you're feeling, what sort of state is my awareness in? Am I so tired that I'm not really aware ofmuch, maybe just my grumpiness (that's all that my consciousness is aware of)? Or, am I actually doing pretty well? Can I hear the wind outside? Am I aware of the light filtering in throughmy window? Those sort of things.

So you just slowly but surely trying to wakeyourself up.

In a gentle, kind, positive manner.

Be your own friend.

Be your own lover.

If you've got a lover that's there with youthis morning, well lucky you, and maybe they can join in on the practice, or whatever.

So, gradually, just be aware of the spacethat you're in.

You're here.

You're here on planet Earth.

You're in the Milky Way galaxy or solar system.

And, locate yourself.

You're here.

You're present.

You exist! How marvellous is that? 'Cause, this precious existence, no matterhow bad it might seem to you, is better than nothing.

It's better than pitch black silence and non-existence.

This is something to work with.

This is life, guys.

Each day, no matter how terrible it mightseem, it's an opportunity.

Things can change.

Things can get better.

Sometimes it takes months, sometimes years;life can be really, really testing sometimes.

But, human beings are incredible.

They've got this tenacity; this will power;this heart-strength to just keep going until things improve.

So, love yourself and be proud of yourself.

Give yourself some positive affirmations.

Give yourself a pat on the back.

Rub your heart.


And just congratulate yourself on trying totake a positive step in this challenging reality.

I'm proud of you.

I applaud you, and, I'm sending love to allof the people out there that are maybe feeling a little bit overwhelmed at the moment.

So, I think the most important thing in themornings is all about attitude, guys.

And staying in the present moment, takingit one little step at a time.

Small baby steps.

Start with the easy things, maybe make yourbed.

Cha-ching! Already done one task for the day! And your rooms looking nice and tidy and thatwill give you the impression that you've got the ball rolling.

Now, you wanna think.

What are the things that are gonna make mefeel better? So, relax into your seat.

And just scan your body.

Say hello to yourself.


Greet yourself.

Ask yourself how you're doing.

And see how your body answers.

Your mind will probably have a lot of answers(you can listen to those too).

But also give your body a chance to talk.

And your body might be saying, "Sho! My mouth is dry! I need to drink some water.

Or, I need some tea.

" So then be kind to yourself; go and do that.

Do it slowly, but have the positive intentionto accomplish that task of helping yourself.

Your body might say, "Ooh! I'm stiff! I'm stiff.

My back's sore.

A nerve in my hip is pinched.

" You've gained awareness of this and you acceptit because, in all likelihood, it needs attention.

And hopefully you've got a little bit of timein the morning just to take it out for yourself.

So go and do some stretching, maybe have awarm shower that will just loosen up your body.

(Things like that).

Your nose might be blocked; go and blow yournose! And then start breathing a little bit, youprobably didn't get to breathe well while you were sleeping.

So those sort of things guys.

Learn to be your own friend.

Learn to be your own care-taker.

And you'll be surprised how quickly your physicalstate and your mental-state will start improving.

We can't rely on the outside world to takecare of ourselves, because they don't have the perspective (the self-consciousness andthe self-awareness that we have).

So that's it for me for today guys.

Attitude and staying in the present moment.

Don't think about all the stuff you have todo today.

Just take it one activity at a time.

Have a little bit of a plan in mind, but,at the forefront of your mind you're taking things one step at a time and really justembracing the present moment.

Sort of drifting into the present moment andbeing kind to yourself in the present moment.

Be in touch with your heart, with your lungs,your breathing, and don't let your mind overwhelm you.

I love you all.

I hope you have a good day.

And, if it's not a good day, just focus onthe small little things that you've done well.

You've tried your best, and that's all youcan ask of yourself.

To ask more of yourself than you can giveis just self-torture and you're just being overly critical of yourself.

So, compliment yourself and build up yourown self-esteem.

Heal yourself one day at a time; one momentat a time and just, just be guys.

Just be and that is enough.

Don't judge yourself.

Much love, best wishes and peace in the worldguys.

Peace, peace, peace! Adios!.


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