Best Online Healing Meditation Guide

Best Online Healing Meditation Guide

Healing Meditation With Fathers -Meditazione di guarigione con i Padri


Healing meditation with the Fathers to support the achievement of their projects Hello! This is a short exercise, an inner healing meditation and is a gift to you and your families in gratitude for your attention and your interest in the work that I offer.

To receive the benefits, I invite you to close your eyes, but before closing his eyes pointing you what to display.

Choose a project that is dear to you, you are working or who are thinking of starting.

It may be a new phase of life, perhaps a wedding, a new relationship; Perhaps you have given birth to children or plan to have; maybe you're starting a business.

It could also be something that you like to do but think that it can never be realized, or you are afraid.

Or it may be something you do for a long time and you sense that it could be better but it will not budge, does not evolve, it seems that the situation is blocked.

Whatever it is, it will place, with your imagination, in an envelope, you close the envelope and you will keep in your hand.

and then the porgerete what is the All for you, the truth; If you are religious and believe in God you will call it God; if you have another picture, maybe Energy, Infinite Light; what matters is that you feel, or you to open the possibility that it is full of love and infinite wisdom.

You do not necessarily believe it.

If you do not believe in such things you can be said: "If there is, I offer my project at this Infinite Love and Wisdom.

" You will not have put you in this position, you will continue to sit with closed eyes, but reggerete the envelope in your imagination and you will show this love and infinite wisdom.

Behind you, check your father who puts her hands on his shoulders.

If you have been adopted or have had a second father figure, then you will have two men behind you.

Behind each of the fathers, you will have two grandparents, behind them the four great grandparents eight great-grandparents, and so on.

A pyramid of men.

We argue, even if you have had an adversarial relationship with your father, a dramatic story.

Then let the music work on you.

It will help in many ways it would be long to explain in this video; Here we are simply having an experience.

and then I will not say more.


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