Best Online Healing Meditation Guide

Best Online Healing Meditation Guide

Healing Guided Meditation – ASMR, Relaxation, Gratitude, Love, Forgiveness, Thoughtless Awareness


This meditation will help you to heal.

Itwill also take you to a deeply relaxed state, to a very peaceful, calm, blissful place.

You will be fully aware, totally present, living in the now moment, not bothered byany passing thoughts or emotions, in harmony with yourself and your environment.

You mayeven experience a blissful state of thoughtless awareness for a little while.

As you practicemore and more, you will be amazed at the benefits.

You will feel calmer, healthier, more loving.

In addition, this silent and peaceful state of conscious awareness will be more and morepresent in your life.

Step by step, you will train your mind to let go of the constantchatter, to let go of past and future worries and focus more on the present moment, in silentawareness.

I am right here with you – to help you learnhow to heal yourself, to help you find stillness, clarity and peace in your life.

I’d liketo gently encourage you to trust life more, to give more and more power to your positiveintentions and less and less power to your fears.

I am here to guide you… so that youfeel more connected, more at peace and in harmony with yourself and the world aroundyou.

I’d like to show you that you can transform your life and train yourself to be less affectedby the ups and downs of everyday life, to be more content and at peace.

All you need to do is listen to my voice asI guide you to this wonderful, calm and peaceful place.

Set aside a few minutes just for yourself,away from distractions and worries.

It is important that you are not disturbed duringthis time.

So perhaps you may want to set your mobile phone on silent mode and alsounplug your landline… Just do whatever you need to do so that you can fully enjoy thisjourney, without interruptions or worries.

Just listen to my voice, repeat the affirmationsto yourself and allow your body and mind to relax more and more, as you go deeper anddeeper.

Find a comfortable position in a quiet place.

Perhaps your living room or your bedroom, or if you prefer the outdoors… how aboutfinding a quiet spot in a beautiful forest, a lovely beach, or a field in the middle ofnowhere… I recommend that you sit in an upright position,with your legs crossed and your hands sitting gently and comfortably on your knees or yourlap.

You can also sit on a chair, while keeping your back well supported, placing your feetfirmly on the ground.

If you prefer it, you can lie down on a couch, bed, or on the floor;lying down may increase the risk of you falling asleep, which is not really the aim of thisparticular meditation, but if you prefer it, then please by all means lie down.

I’d likeyou to feel as comfortable as possible.

Now, gently close your eyes… You are freeto do whatever you want to do, whatever feels right for you.

Maybe you want to stretch alittle bit… Just feel how pleasurable it is to stretch your muscles, feel the sensationof stretching your legs, your arms, your back, neck and shoulders… Allow all those musclesto just relax… enjoy the quietness and peacefulness that comes with it.

This is your time to experiencesilence and to be peaceful, your time to heal and to experience the joy of pure awareness,your time to practice presence.

I am here to guide you and to share this wonderful journeywith you.

Simply relax and trust your inner guide to help you find that wonderful spaceof thoughtless awareness.

Be quiet, listen, observe, feel yourself here and now….


Just let go….

Let yourself be… Thoughts and emotions willarise naturally; accept them, observe them and let them go… just let them go… andgently bring your awareness back to your body and your breath, as you listen to my voice.

Now… Take a few deep breaths.

(breath) iiiin….

(exhale) aaaand out.

Let go of any tension you may feel at any part of your body, justlet it dissolve, let it dissipate and transform into pleasure, inner peace, serenity and relaxation.

Allow yourself to relax, while keeping fully aware and present, right here, right now.

I encourage you to fully trust, without expectations, wants or needs.

Just trust and let go… gentlylet go.

Now, let’s start by placing your attentionat the bottom of your spine.

Feel the gentle pressure against your buttocks… feel allthe beautiful sensations in that part of the body.

As you keep your awareness there, feelthe warmth of your body, feel your energy, maybe you can even feel a slightly ticklishsensation spreading outwards, from the bottom of your spine, slowly radiating to the restof your body… like a soft caress, lovingly helping you relax more and more.

Feel how grounded you are right now.

It isso nice to be connected….

Be aware of your connection to the bed, chair … your connectionto the ground, your connection to mother Earth.

Feel the weight, the gravity of your body,feel the joy of being totally connected to the ground, to Earth, to the Universe.

Appreciatethat connection.

Feel the humility and joy and wisdom.

Feel the gratefulness of beingalive, of experiencing this amazing journey and to be part of this wonderful Universe.

Now, take a deep breath.

Gently repeat theseaffirmations with me: I am alive.

I am grateful.

I am humbled.

I am experiencing the joy of life, right here,right now.

And It feels just wonderful.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Breath peacefully… and keep your awareness at the bottom of your spine.

Feel the energy.

Be present.

Enjoy this moment.

Now I encourage you to move your attentionup, towards the lower part of your tummy.

Feel all the lovely sensations over there,be fully aware of this part of your body.

Feel the warmth, the beautiful tingling sensation,feel the energy spreading from the bottom of your spine, moving upwards to the lowerpart of your tummy and staying there for a little while.

Keep your awareness there…Right there.

Feel the joy of experiencing, right now, soft tickles on your tummy.

Feelthe waves, like tiny butterflies, awakening, , cleansing your body, purifying you, healingyou… It feels so good… Now, while keeping your awareness on the lowerpart of your tummy… take another deep breath… And repeat with me: I am the creative force.

I am pure knowledge.

I am wisdom.

Breathe peacefully.

Enjoy this moment.

Feelyour tummy, feel the waves of energy relaxing you, healing your body and mind.

Feel howcreative you are, feel the creative energy within you, feel how much you have to giveto the world.

You have so much to give.

Feel the connection to pure knowledge and wisdom.

You are knowledge.

You are wisdom.

It’s all within you… All you need to do is trust…Just trust.

Just breathe and be present.

Enjoy this moment…It’s all yours….

Feel yourself here and now… let go… Trust and let go.

Justlet go… Now, I’d like you to move your awarenessto the centre of your tummy, around the belly button area.

Notice how it feels…Be awareof all the sensations in that part of your body, as you relax more and more….

Let anyremaining tension go….

Feel the warmth, feel the stillness, feel the peace.

As yourelax and let the energy waves move up your body, visualise how your body and mind arehealing, cleansing, purifying… Feel the tickles, feel the blissful energy radiatingsoftly through your body.

As you practice stillness and presence, you find harmony andbalance.

It feels so peaceful….

Take a deep breath… Keep your awarenessat the centre of your tummy and repeat with me: I am in absolute inner peace.

I have everything I need right here, right now.

I feel content and peaceful.

Breathe deeply while you appreciate this preciousmoment, feel the waves of energy, feel the gratefulness, feel the inner peace… Everythingis just as it is supposed to be, just as it’s supposed to be… Now gently move your awareness towards toupper part of your abdomen, just below your heart.

Feel the sensations in that part ofyour body, feel the warmth.

Let the energy circulate freely to cleanse and heal yourbody and mind.

Feel yourself being here, right now.

Realise that you are more powerful than youhad ever imagined before.

Your conscious intent is a fundamental force.

Make your intent morepowerful than your fears.

Be your own master.

Take a deep breath and repeat with me… I am significant.

I am my own master.

I give full power to my positive intentions.

I create meaningful change.

I set my intent, let go and trust.

I just trust.

Breath deeply….

Feel the waves of energy.

Feel how wonderful it is to relax and fully appreciate yourself.

Feel how significantyour life is, how much you can give to the world.

Feel how powerful your intent reallyis … Set your intent, trust and let go… And now… gently place your awareness onyour beautiful heart.

Feel its warmth, feel the loving, nurturing energy radiating fromit, totally embracing your body, embracing your mind, embracing your consciousness.

Feelhow wonderfully your heart is beating.

Feel how grateful you are to be alive.

Let go ofall fears, and allow your heart to fully open… Just let all those barriers come down.

Thereis nothing to be afraid of… Let love and compassion be your inner guides.

Let yourthoughts and actions be guided by love instead of fear.

Feel the beauty and the power oflove… it feels so nice… Take a deep breath… and repeat with me… I am pure loving awareness.

I let go of all my fears.

I love myself.

I love others.

I love unconditionally.

Breathe deeply.

Feel the warmth, the lovingenergy flowing through your body.

You are healing, you are embracing compassion, love,stillness, peace… Feel the gratefulness, feel the wisdom, the inner peace, the powerof your intent, feel the unconditional love… Trust and just breathe… Be present withevery breath you take.

You don’t need to do anything… Just be… simply be.

It’sso wonderful to be alive.

Now, gently move your attention to your neckand upper shoulder area.

Allow the waves of energy to spread and heal that part of yourbody.

Keep your awareness there for a little while.

Be aware of the sensations and feelings.

Feel the warmth, the peace, the love, the gratefulness…There is only the present… gently let go of the past, the past is gone….

Take careof your darkness with love and compassion.

You are learning.

We are all learning… Take a deep breath… and repeat with me…I respect myself and others.

I am doing my best.

I learn from my mistakes.

I completely let go of guilt.

I accept and take care of my darkness.

I learn, grow and flourish.

I am whole.

Take a deep breath… Completely let go ofthe past.

Be present.

Feel the warm healing energy enveloping you.

Every moment is a newstart.

The past is gone and the future is not yet here.

Feel your body, feel the stillness….

You are here, right now.

Accept and love yourself, both your light and your darkness… embraceyourself, embrace wholeness.

Feel how calm and at peace you are when you love your wholebeing, when you let go of guilt and understand that you are doing your best.

The parts ofyourself that you don’t like need love and attention.

Take care of the darkness.

Acceptanceand love come before change.

You are beautiful.

Just beautiful… Now gently move your awareness to the middleof your forehead, to the area located slightly above your eyebrows.

Feel the energy envelopingyour forehead, feel the warm sensations… Observe your breathing, be present.

Take adeep breath and repeat with me… I take good care of my anger and resentment.

I let go of judging myself and others.

I am compassionate.

I forgive myself.

I forgive everyone.

I forgive and let go… Breathe peacefully… Feel the waves of energy…Feel the relief and the peace that comes with forgiveness.

Feel how wonderful it is to takegood care and let go of those emotions and thoughts that don’t serve you or othersany purpose.

Enjoy the warmth and the pleasure of being at peace.

Feel the compassion, loveand forgiveness in you.

It is all within you.

Right there….

You are healing yourself right now.

Feel the stillness, feel the peace.

Take a deep breath….

Finally, move your awareness to the very topof your head as you continue to breathe slowly and peacefully.

Feel the energy moving towardsthat area… feel the waves, notice all the sensations.

Let go, trust, love and forgive…You are in absolute inner peace.

You are stillness.

You are pure awareness….

Right here, rightnow… Now slowly allow this awareness to move tothe area about a couple of inches above the top your head.

Feel it moving up and settlingthere, floating in the air, like a soft bubble gently hovering above your head….

Keep yourawareness at that point for the rest of this meditation.

Hovering, floating above yourhead.

Right there above your head… Beautiful.

let go of everything else… Just let go…Be quiet, stay still.

just be.

Pure awareness.

Pure stillness.

Take a deep breath… and repeat with me.

I am thoughtless awareness.

I am thoughtless awareness.

I am.

I aaaam.


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