Best Online Healing Meditation Guide

Best Online Healing Meditation Guide

Guided meditation for sleep and healing: The Dream catcher


In a few moments you will be relaxed enoughto experience a good night's sleep, letting the day dissolveaway.

It's sometimes difficult to drift off intoa comforting sleep whilst the mind is exagerating emotions,experiences and overthinking things.

This guided meditation has been written for a calm, restful anddreamy sleep, whilst inviggorating your energy during thisrelaxing time and healing emotional worries.

make yourself as comfortable as you can, readyto surrender to sleep.

When you are ready at any time during this meditation you cangive your eyes permission to gently close.

Having the right environment and atmospherefor sleep is important and to make the most of this quiettime, I would like you to imagine a dreamcatcher above you.

It is round, having embelishments of symbols relevent to youfor protection that are attatched to it.

In the middle of this dreamcatcher is a net,this will guard you whilst you sleep and take away any externalnegative energies.

Acting like a filter to your recieving energy.

Just off on the sides are feathers dangling down towards you.

The net takes in all energy around you, purifying it and sendingpositive light down it's feathers to you.

Whilst you recieve the energy you will relaxinto a calm and loose deep sleep.

Let yourself breathe freely and if you want to take a deep breath inand let it out you can, just to relax you.

Take your awareness to you breath now, justobserve it, you don't have to change anything.

Just feel the gentle rise and relax of your chest as you prepare to sleep.

The calming inhale and exhale of breath sounds similar to the tideon a beach, which can be quite mezmerizing.

As you inhale, visualize positive or plussigns and feel guilt free about nesting into sleep.

As you exhale, exhale negative or minus signs, letting all tense feelingsout with your breath into the atmosphere around you.

Don't worry, as you start to relax and let go the dreamcatcher will filterthe energies around you.

In through the net, purifying and releasingpositive energy down the soft feathers back to you.

Sleeping under this dreamcatcher will soothe your rest and re energize you forwhen you are ready to awake.

As you start to relax you may feel your eyestesting themselves to see if they could open and it starts to feel like they findingeasier to stay closed.

You may also want to yawn, taking in morepositive restful energy bring on that lazy feeling.

Your arms or legs may slightly jerk as you start to drift off and dissolve realitywith the dreamworld.

Drifting into sleep, you may sometimes catchyourself inbetween worlds.

The protective energy of the dreamcatchersoftly feeds your want for sleep, letting youknow it's ok to do so.

Your mind starts to relax as thoughts thatmay linger are also being pulled through the filter of the dreamcatcher, dispersing asthey travel through the net.

Anything hindering you sleeping is automaticallyfiltered and softened.

As you relax more and more, any outside soundsfade off into the distance.

As you become more calm and embrace sleep,your eyes drift ever more into the distance, beckoning your eyelids to close softly.

The dreamcatcher observes you from your head to toe, peeling any thoughts and feelingsaway in through the next and sending down sleepydreamy sensations to your mind and body through the sincere feathers above.

You feel safe, sleepy and relaxed.

As your mind settles down, your body restsitselfs into position, ready for sleep.

As the dreamcatcher creates a soothing atmospherearound you, it's feathers send their softness to you.

Your pillow becomes softer and seems to deflate into an air pocket of surrender for you headand neck, loosening all the muscles around your shoulder area.

Your matress beneath you seems to slip away and feels as if you are laying on air.

Your body becomes lazy and limp at this comforting and relaxed feeling.

The hug of the blanket is warm, positive and reassuring.

Your feet and ankles relax into position, giving way to sleep.

As they do, your mind relaxes more, sending a signal to your eyes to relax and softlysleep.

Having such soft sensations and soothing emotionsrelaxes your body more.

Your legs melt with every lack of thought,surrendering to soothing feelings more and more.

Warm, safe and sleepy.

Your back releases the last of today as yourabdomen helps your chest breath more easily.

Breathing deeper and with longer breaths,sleep is being realized.

Inbetween thoughts you settle down deeper,calmer and more relaxed.

As one thought passes, a slightly faded versionpasses by, with longer intervals inbetween.

Until all thought has faded away completelyas you are comfortably consumed with sleep.

As the blanket soothes your body, sleep hugsyour mind in reassurance.

Letting you know that now is not the timeto deal with anything and gently comforting your mind.

Your mind is now filled with peace.

From your mind relaxing your body welcomespeace.

Relaxing more and more, becoming calmer andsleepier.

Healing is another property of the dreamcatcher,drawing out any emotion that is not needed, again helping to sooth yourmind.

As you rest emotional blocks, emotional pain,worry and stress is drawn up into the dreamcatcher and dissolved through it's powerfulintention.

What is sent back down through the feathersto yourself is comfort, relief and peace.

Whilst you sleep relief is experienced, helpingyou gain the energy needed for the day ahead.

Comfort comes from knowing that you are restedand relaxed leading to better informed decisons during the day.

And peace from looking after yourself first, recharging yourself to interact with others.

Any feeling of emotion that has played on your concious or subconscious can be let goof.

These emotions are like a fog that will dissolve,moving away slowly the more you let go.

They may on occassion pass through but yourawareness shifts to the positive.

As you relax more and more only positive emotioncan be felt.

Letting go as you have to surrender to sleep, you dothe same with your emotions.

The more you let go, the more calmer and peacefulyou become.

Give the dreamcatcher permission to drawnin these emotions as you sleep, let them go.

As you experience softer, warmer and relaxingsleep you start to feel heavier and heavier.

Drifting downwards deeper and deeper.

Slowly but surely gently falling asleep.

Your head and neck gently press more intothe pillow with each and every breath you take.

Resting calmly, softly and peacefully.

Your body slowly descends downwards into thebed finding it's place in a comfortable resting position.

Your legs and ankles release the last of the outside world as you drift into a deep sleep.

The blanket covering you that is soft, warm and reassuring wraps snuggly around you moreand more, as if being hugged.

The darkness of your eyelids transcends into thedistance as you rest deeper and calmer.

Your mouth may slightly open as you driftfurther and further, releasing and peeling your tongue awayfrom the roof of yur mouth.

All facial muscles relax as if sinking withgravity into the pillow.

Your cheeks relax, your jaw relaxes, yourbrow and eyes relax more and more.

All sensations from the outside world becomedimmer and dimmer as you softly float to dream land.

The darkness of your eyelids beckons you more and the satisfying relaxed feeling in yourmind recieves the gift of sleep graciously.

The dreamcatcher will carry on keeping you safe as you sleep, relaxing you more intoa state of euphoria.


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