Best Online Healing Meditation Guide

Best Online Healing Meditation Guide

Guided Meditation For Love and Relaxation (Mind / Body / Soul)



Just breathe.

*Breathing out* Deep, in through your nose, suck it in.

Hear the sound going through your nostrils.

Smile 🙂 It may be morning, it may be in theafternoon, it may be at night time, but you have recognised bravely that you need sometime out from the business of the day.

You could have done something else; you couldhave distracted yourself.

You could have gone and watched some TV orstarted comfort eating or got lost on social media, but you had the clarity of thoughtto come and sit down and meditate.

Feel proud of yourself.

Feel grateful for your own inner wisdom.


Let your body relax; sitting upright, butletting your body relax into the position with your spine upwards pointing towards thesun.


Feel how your body expands and relaxes asyou breathe in and out; the cycles of breath.

With each inhale, feel the goodness of theoxygen, helping your body to expand and stretch out that tension that has accumulated duringthe day, or while you were curled up in a ball while you were sleeping.

You may be having doubts; you may be thinking,"Is this meditation helping?".

Your mind may be getting agitated and tryingto convince you to stop and go and do something else.

See these thoughts.

But don't see them as you; it is just yourconditioned mind, trying to get you to stay in the usual pattern.

Try something new for today.

It wasn't easy, so go with it.

Keep sitting.

Relax and breathe.

Let the tension in your shoulders slowly dissolve,little bit by little bit, let them hang like clothes on the washing line or branches ona willow tree.

Imagine as if your spine is a frond of bamboo,nice and straight and slowly pulling towards the sky.

Are you comfortable? All you have to do is be here now, in thepresent moment.

Be with yourself, feel your energy.

Hear the motorbike.

Accept the space that you are in; there isnothing to fear.

Just be.

Even the sounds that make you feel uncomfortablecannot harm you.

Just hear them.

Don't get sucked into the nitty-grittiness.

Be kind to yourself.

Feel your body, from toe to the tip of yourhead.

Is your body trying to tell you something? Listen, be kind; help yourself.

It is not easy, we're not used to doing it,but it is possible and it is so rewarding.

Love yourself.

Feel the energy in your heart radiating toall the cells of your body.

Breathe in, and let your heart drink thisenergy.

Feel this vibration.

Feel the pain in your heart, and realise thatit is just pain.

Don't let it turn into anger or worry.

Just let the pain sit there.

Breathe into it.

Notice how the in-breath gives so much reliefto that pain.

When you breathe out, acknowledge the factthat all things pass in time.

This pain will not remain forever.

Is there a thought that is nagging you, orgetting your attention? Well just return to the breath.

Feel the goodness of the breath coming inthrough your nostrils and healing your body.

Notice how when you do this your mind no longerlingers on that thought.

But it may come back; and once again, youlook at the thought as if you are staring out towards the clouds in the sky.

You don't try and grasp or hold onto thecloud and try and figure it out.

It's just fluid molecules that are gonnapass away in time.


Smile 🙂 Feel good about yourself.

You may not be perfect but you are definitelytrying.

Give yourself credit.

Appreciate those in your life that are helpingyou, yourself included.

Feel gratitude that you have this gift oflife, this mysterious, wonderful gift of life; an opportunity to discover what reality is.

You may not have the answers right now, butthat's the beauty of life, because it leads to discovery and a journey of exploration.

Don't expect yourself to be perfect, don'texpect yourself to know everything right now.

She who says she knows, doesn't know, becauseshe ceases to learn.

Return to the breath.

Listen to the sounds around you.

Familiarise yourself with your environment.

This is where you are in the present moment.

This is where you must live your life.

Accept it, embrace it: the good and the badand the neutral.

See how you are reacting to the present momentand realise that this is a reaction from within you and that you have control over your reactionsto the world.

Don't try and justify your anger, don't tryand justify your greed.

Rather look deeper towards the fear, the pain,and the delusion within you — the unhealthy roots — and deal with it there rather thanperpetuating unhealthy mind states, like anger, fear, and hatred.

This is what it means to grow the wise heart.


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