Best Online Healing Meditation Guide

Best Online Healing Meditation Guide

Guided Jyoti Light Meditation By Dr Pillai


I will prepare you, again.

[Let's get into a meditative state] Close your Eyes.

I will teach you some techniques to quicklyinto go into a deeper level of quietness.

Put your attention on your right Eye and removethe darkness, the black.

There is no darkness in the right Eye.

It's all white Light.

The Eye will immediately respond to the signal.

Go to the left Eye.

Do the same thing.

Remove the darkness in the left Eye.

Now visualize the entire body of Light, aswhite Light.

There is no substance inside, it’s all pureLight, pure white Light.

This white Light that fills you is the Lightfrom the space.

It is it the same Light that is availablein the Planet Moon.

The Light that comes from the Moon is so blissful.

Fill yourself with this joyful Light.

[Chants in Tamil] Vama Jyoti, Soma Jyoti.

Vana Jyoti, Gnana Jyoti.

The body will respond to the sounds and tryto float and lose the mass.

Vama Jyoti, Soma Jyoti.

Vana Jyoti, Gnana Jyoti.

Maga Jyoti, Yoga Jyoti.

Vadha Jyoti.

Nadha Jyoti.

Eama Jyoti, Viyoma Jyoti.

Earu Jyoti, Veeru Jyoti.

Eaga Jyoti, Eaga Jyoti.

Eaga Jyoti, Eaga Jyoti.

There is nothing inside the body except Light.

There is no heart, lungs, kidney, liver, intestine.

Nothing is there.

It’s all filled with white Light.

This is our Real Body.

It is by mistake that we embraced this meat,organic body.

And it is time to quit our identity with thisphysical body.

The Eyes are devoid of any blackness.

There is everywhere Light coming out.

Arut Perum Jyoti.

Arut Perum Jyoti.

Tanni Perum Karunai.

Arut Perum Jyoti.

Now allow the Light of Siva to descend onyou through your skull.

Then your body becomes more bright, brightlike a Sun.

The Sun is the brightest Star.

Your body becomes as luminous as the Sun.

You become a Star, like the Sun.

You becomelike the Star, like the Sun.

That is your Real Identity.

I am happy that we are doing it for the entireworld.

Everyone here will remember this meditation that we are doing now,not only for ourselves,but for the entire earth plane so the Planet will become aware.

[Chants] Ommm.

Ommmm Ahhh Oooo Maaa Ommm Naaa Maaa Shi VaaaYaaa.

Om Nama Shivaya.

Om Nama Shivaya.

Om Nama Shivaya.

Om Nama Shivaya.

Om Shanti, Shanti, Shantihi.

Now slowly, slowly, come back to yourself.

Open your Eyes.


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