Best Online Healing Meditation Guide

Best Online Healing Meditation Guide

Day #15 – Heart Healing Sound – 30 Days of Qigong to Better Health


Good morning! My name is Chris Shelton.

Thank you once again for joining me for the 30 Days of Qigong to Better Health Today is day number 15 and I'm so excited to be introducing the six healing sounds.

Today's first soundthough is connected to the heart and is also referred to as a dry cry.

Earlier, we did movements that benefit benefited the five internal organs of the body.

And so, for example, the heart move looked like this, in order to help tosedate, or to tonify emotions of the heart or balances of the heart.

But now what we're going into is theactual vibrations that are associated with the different organs themselves.

And when I give any public talks or any speeches anywhere, when I go in, I give three takeaways.

The first one is always one conscious breath; the second one is shaking the tree whichI really love; and the third one is this practice here.

The dry cry or the "HA" sound is something that we already do all thetime anyways, and they normally say in Chinese medicine that the heart is theEmperor of the Body.

It is disturbed by the negative emotionsof over excitation, too much joy, and mania.

But because of its close proximity tothe lungs and the lungs being harmed or affected by grief and sorrow, the heart is also easily affected bysorrow.

Though the lungs, excuse me, but the heart itself actuallywill dictate how much of an emotion like anger, resentment will be expressedor supressed.

So what will happen is, is that anger will affect the heart thenattack the liver; worry will affect the heart, and then weaken the spleen; griefand sadness will affect the heart and then weaken the lungs, etc, etc.

So what's so cool about this practice too, besides it being something that your body alreadysubtly tries to do whenever you have emotional stress, especially of sorrow ortrauma in your life but this is something that you could do underneathyour breath so you can do it in public and you don't have to walk around anymoresuppressing emotions.

Instead, being able to let go of it as itcomes up or as you feel it.

So if you pay attention to the, over thenext, after today, the next five days these sounds, we already kind of makethese sounds anyways.

If you've ever had a laughing attack, the first thing thatnormally happens for most people is after they laughed hysterically at something,is then their body goes: HAAAA.

And the reason why your heart, yourbody does that is because you have temporarily have created an imbalance inthe heart, and the heart is trying to readjust itself to regain balance again.

So, very simple practice; you can do itaudibly or inaudibly.

So obviously, if you're in public and something's upsetyou, you can do the sound underneath your breath, but audibly what's going tohappen is we're going to inhale, you can imagine a pink cloud filling upinto the heart itself exhaling.


Imagine the circumstance that's upset yougoing several feet away from the body and down deep into the ground.

But this practice is also very good for past trauma too So to make it more into a routine ofhelping to cleanse yourself deeper and deeper, what you would do is you would focus on something in the past that you know has affected your heart that's created too much anxiety, too muchgrief, too much sorrow, even anger or fear for that matter focus on it, on the circumstance What it is.

What happened.

Who wasinvolved, and as you do the practice, really feel that emotion come up.

And then from there, you're going to inhale, pull the breath into the heart itself Haaa.

And the word I'm saying here is "H,A,A,A," so it's HA, like hahahaha, like you're laughing Some people get confused and they ask me, they say, Chris, are you saying "ah?" and I say, no, I'm saying "HAAA" So anyways, we're going to focus onthat circumstance and allow it to come up, and then as we do the sound, imagine thecircumstance leaving from the mouth going several feet away fromthe body and down deep into the ground.

And then what's going to happen is that thenwe're going to several of these practices inaudibly underneath our breath.

Now, if you've ever, if you are somebody who has ever gotten a stuck feeling in your throat here, in Chinese medicine, they have a specialname for but, essentially it means the plum seed effect, like it feels likeyou swallowed a plum seed, So if you're ever somebody that gotupset about something and all of a sudden felt stuck feeling in your throat or asyou're doing this practice if you feel that stuck feeling coming up intoyour throat, then what I want to do is I want you to lift the chin, and as you makethe HA sound, I want you to imagine that the circumstance leaves from thethroat, going several feet away from the body, down deep into the ground.

So inhale.

HAAA And we're going to do that over and overand over again If for whatever the reason, you'rewalking around throughout the day and all of a sudden you feel this stuckfeeling or this plum seed feeling get, come up into your throat, do the sound underneath your breath.

If I ever have that feeling, sometimes it comes up, I have no recollection as to why it'shappening.

You know, everything can be fine for the day or for the past monthor whatnot, and I just don't argue with my body.

If my body is telling mesomething, I try to listen to it, and so if I feel that feeling, I will do that sound,especially if I'm in public, underneath the breath.

So, such a great and powerfulpractice, if you suffer from anxiety, if you suffer from atrial fibrillation (afib),you have high or low blood pressure, heart palpitations, angina I mean there's all kinds of conditionsthat you could have that this practice will help to benefit, and especially forconditions of like atrial fibrillation or afib, I've noticed with my clientsthat giving them this practice and having them specifically focus on traumaor events in their life that has caused them some kind of anxiety or upset, hassignificantly subsided their afib, so it's an amazing, such a simple practice to do.

All right, so let's begin.

So we're going to start off from our wu ji posture either from a seated position ora standing position our feet are going to be out, shoulder'swidth apart, knees slightly bent, tucking in the sacrum, pressing back the Ming Men.

From there, the tip of the tongue goes to the roof of the mouth behind the teeth, as ifsaying the letter "N.

" Gently tuck the chin which then presses up at the crown point,at the top of the head, elongating the cervical spine.

Hollowing out the armpits,slightly rounding the shoulders, pressing back the spine in between the shoulder blades,also the Shen Dao point.

Breath is long, steady, even and deepinto the lower abdomen And then from here, we're going to begininhaling.


Pulling down the heavens.

Inhale, and exhale.

Inhale andallow for this white light to calm your mind,soothe your energy.

And then from there,clearing the energy, exhale Gazing at the tips of the fingers.

Allow for any excessive thoughts, feelingsor emotions to flow off, going several feet away from the body,and down deep into the ground Any thoughts that may be stirring,any tension in the joints of the shoulders And I'm using my legs to pump my arms as well, my knees are staying relativelystationary, turning at the waist And then from there, I come back to the middle.

Pulling down the heavens three times:inhale.



Gather the energy.



Feel the white light.

And then from there, bring the feet a little bit closer together, begin to lightly bounce on the balls of the feet So, having the knees bent, the hips relaxed,the shoulders relaxed, focusing first on the ankles and allow for any tension in the ankles to release out any negativity there, out through the bottom of thefeet and down deep into the ground Next, the knees, any tension ortightness in the knees, allow for that to release as well guiding it out through the legs, out throughthe feet, and down deep into the earth Next the hips, groin, low back,releasing out any tension or tightness there, the spine, in between the shoulder blades, any emotions, any tension on the spine in between the shoulder blades, just imagine that releasing out fromthis gentle vibration, gentle bouncing guiding it out through the legs, out through the feet,and deep into the ground and next the fingers and wrists any pain or discomfort, if you have anyarthritic pain, guiding that out through the fingertips and down deep into the ground.

Next the elbows, shoulders, head and neck, guiding all this out as a dark cloud of energy, out through the arms out throughthe fingers, and deep into the ground And then from there, we stop bouncing andthen we inhale pulling the energy up beyond the top of the head,exhale Inhale up and exhale Inhale and releasing out any dark, turbidenergy deep into the ground From there, back into your wu ji posture,shaking the tree inhaling all the way up the body and exhale Inhaling, like the Taylor Swift song,shake it off exhaling and inhale Two more: inhale Last one: inhale And then from there,pulling down the heavens three times inhaling, connecting to your higher power exhaling, releasing out any heator tension in the body Inhale and exhale And then from your wu ji posture,going directly into the center and balance meditation We do thismeditation in order to get out of our heads and into our bodies and to feelour entire being So starting at the top of the head atthe crown point, imagine warm oil that begins to flow down through the scalp, through the front of the forehead, the temples, the eyebrows, the brow bone and eyes, through the nose, through the cheeks the side of the face and ears.

Inch by inch, cell by cell, tissue by tissue flowing through the lips, through the jaw, the chin, through the throat Branching off into the upper shoulders,upper chest melting down through the biceps, elbow creases, forearms, wrists, palms ofthe hands, leading all the way out to the fingertips And then from there, meltingdown through the entire chest, the flanks of the body, the midsection, the abdomen, flowing down through the waist and the groin, this warm oil envelops the entire thighs, the knees,the shins, the ankles, the feet and toes, all connecting, and all flowing off deep into the ground And from there, feel the entire front of the bodyfrom head to toe, feel as much to the left as you do to the right, just feel your body.

Next, flowing down from the crown pointat the top of the head, this warm oil begins to flow downthrough the back of the head, the back of the ears, the neck, the shoulders, touchingevery cell, every crease, every tissue into the triceps, the elbows,the forearms, the wrists the back of the hands, leading all theway out to the fingertips And then from there, through the upper back, the mid-back, the low back flowing through the waist, through thebuttocks, the hamstrings, the back of the knees, the calves, ankles, heels, all connecting, all flowing off deep into the ground And then from there, feel theentire back of the body, from head to toe feel as much in the back as you do to the front,as well as to the left and to the right And from there, begin to feel yourconnection with the divine and imagine a whitelight of energy travels into through the center or the top of the head, enveloping thebrain, the surrounding tissues, the skull, you feel the nerves, from behind theeyes, connecting to the center of the brain, so you feel beneath the brain, the leftand right hemispheres of the brain, the brain stem the sinuses, the bones of the cheeks, the muscles, the face flowing and pouring through each vertebra of the neck and throat visualizing the shoulders, the bones, themuscles of the shoulders, the arms through the elbows, through the center of the forearms Now visualizing all the small bones,tendons, ligaments of the hands and fingers Keeping a strong connectionbetween heaven and earth, this white light now penetrates into each of the ribs.

Feel as the ribs wrap around to the spine on the back feel the heart, feel the lungs Feel the liver and gallbladderon the right side of the body, the stomach and spleen on the left side the intestines, the urinary bladder, the kidneys the bladder, the pelvic bone, the tailbone the bones of the legs and the muscles surrounding them, the center of the knees, the center of the shins and calves,ankles, feet and toes.

And allow for this white light to flow down deep into the ground, and then from there, imagine your feet melt in to the earth like you'restanding on a sea of liquid energy that comes up to about the height of the ankles.

Next, imagine roots growing out from the bubbling well points at the bottom of the feet, all the way down to the center core of the earth.

As you inhale, begin pulling golden light up the roots, up the legs, into the abdomen, as youinhale.

Then, as you exhale, descending out any dark, turbid qi, out through the legs,through the roots and dispersing deep into the earth.



Inhaling, feel the golden light come up and exhale Inhaling and exhaling Feel the golden light fill up into theabdominal region, through the visceral cavity then as you exhale pushing out any dark,heavy energy deep into the ground.

The breath long, steady, even and deep And then on the next inhalation, thistime we're going to go directly into the microcosmic orbit meditation, pullingthe energy straight up the spine,up over the top of the head, down the front of theface, the chest, the abdomen as we exhale.

As we inhale, like a pump, through thetailbone, up the spine, simulating the central nervous system, down the front of the face, the chest, the abdomen Up.


Stimulating the governing vessel up theback, and the conception channel,acupuncture channel down the front Opening up these two vessels Inhaling, you can imagine a white or a bluelight racing up the spine, up over the top of the head down the front of theface the chassis and flowing through the tailbone and then like a pump up theback up over the top of the head down the front of the face suggest theabdomen doing one more cycle inhale and exhale and pulling down the heaven threetimes inhale as you gather the white light imagine any dark heavy energy andheat or vibration and the body releasing out deep into the ground inhale and exhale and then from thereselling off into ruji posture feel the breath as you inhale filling upinto the heart as you inhale then as you exhale feel any energy releasing backout as you breathe out through the nose each time you inhale you feel a deeperconnection with the heart itself exhaling and relaxing from here what Iwant to do is I want you to focus on something that's upset you some kind oftrauma in your life could be recent give me something creates worry hascreated fear for you some kind of sorrow or disappointmentanxiety frustration or anger feel the circumstance bring it to the forefront of yourattention who was there who was involved what was it about was it inside outsidewith a certain spells sounds I want you to feel the emotion now as those justhappening as you inhale imagine this pink cloud that fills uparound the heart itself pericardium once we feel this past trauma ofcircumstance come up we can pull the breath inhaling ahhhh as we exhale allow it to leave the bodyinhale Oh again aah over and over ah and again ah – or audibly ah and now inaudible you put feeling thepeak like the cloud come into the chest exhale yeah so as you exhale imagine circumstances adark cloud going to her feet away from the body and deep into the ground as youinhale feel the pink cloud sink deeper and deeper into the organ exhale Oh as you do the sound if you feel thegrief coming up for you the stock feeling in your throat I want you to goahead and lift the chin now imagine the dark cloud leaving fromthe throw grow and several feet away from the body and deep into the ground Oh last one yeah then from there pulling back to happenthree times inhale exhale and exhale inhale feel the white light.

downexhale place the hands or lower don t + 1 inch below the navel as you inhale imagine a white mysticalpearl forming then as you exhale feel this white pearl release into thekidneys a little back inhale / gets thicker and brighter exhale will restore last one and exhale feel the warmth restore thevitality of the kidneys on the low back and from there slowly come out your g posture kind ofshake it off a little bit shake out the legs while such a powerful practice todo and the cool thing is is that you could do it for 2 minutes you do a fiveminutes you spend an hour on this just focusing on something and what's interesting is that as youfocus on something in the past you may notice but she is you spend moretime with us that other things come up to have created grief or sorrow or lossin your life go ahead and and allow that to come upand come out as well you know it's like we're peeling away the layers of anonion here and just because we've done this practice once or twice doesn't meanthat we've gotten to the core of the issues so it's very simple practice todo you do it anywhere I make it into a routine that as soon asyou feel something come up that upset you start to do these healing soundsthat we're going to be doing over the next five days and you're going to feelyou're being embrace you and love you for giving me the break that it deserves so my name is Chris Shelton thank youonce again for joining me for day number 15 to 30 days of chi gong to betterhealth I have a saying here that Qi Gong is asimple practice with profound results in a easy being cheesy yeah.


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