Best Online Healing Meditation Guide

Best Online Healing Meditation Guide

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Now, then you have to go further.

See you find yourself that your right sideis hot.

What you do is put your right side towardsthe photograph and the left side up towards the ether.

The ether takes away the heat.

But what actually happens is that your right side gets the vibration and the heat is pushed towards your left and passesout into the ether.

Now this heat comes from too much futuristicliving.

Those people who are too much futuristic,they have too much heat.

And too much heat has to go away, and when this heat starts going away thenyou are amazed how it works.

For that there are various things we haveto use, but mainly for right-sided people they shouldnot use any light at all.

They should not sit in the sun.

They should sit in the moonlight.

They should read some poetry.

They should not tie up watches.

They should not look at time.

They should allow the time to pass, and they should just become very, sort ofemotional people.

They should sing songs of bhakti.

They should not do Hatha Yoga.

There are so many things they should not doif they are right sided.

You will be surprised how people have beenhelped through this kind of a treatment, which treats one side of your being.

On the left hand side people are the peopleas you know are the ones who are docile, who bear up lots of things from others and cry and weep and all the time are on thelosers end.

Such people have problems also because alltheir organs are lethargic and they have problems of a lethargic heart, lethargic liver, lethargic intestines.

Everything becomes very lethargic.

All these left side things can be cured.

Plus they might have some sort of a badhain them, in the sense they are possessed by someone.

Of course, some of them are possessed by rightside also.

Not that only the left side is possessed.

But from the right side also they are possessed.

And left sided possessions are of a peculiartype, because they give you pain in the body.

You get pains in the body.

Right sided person doesn’t get any painhimself.

He gives pain to others.

He is very sarcastic, he is very aggressive,he troubles others, but the left sided people have pains themselves.

They get a pain here and a pain there andpain here.

So left side has to be cleared, as you knowvery well through the light.

Light is put before the photograph, left hand towards the photograph, right handon the Mother Earth.

So the left hand gets the light and the light passes through and the negativityof the left side passes to the right hand, and the right hand is on the Mother Earth.

The Mother Earth is the one who sucks in allthese negative forces of the left hand side.

So these are the two sides which we clear.

But once you have cleared these two sidesthen you can use the photograph.

Sit with your both the hands towards the photographand put both the feet in the water, little bit of salt in it and about five tenminutes you must allow the vibrations to clear youout.

Then wipe your feet.

Put the water properly into some disposaland then sit down for meditation.

If you can do that everyday, even ten minutes,is more than sufficient.

Don’t have to do anything in an extrememanner.

In the morning time, you have to give yourself a bandhan when youare going out.

Don’t go out without giving a bandhan.

And attention should be all the time inside,in the sense that, walking on the road people have habit of seeingthis, seeing that, seeing like that.

The attention gets frittered away.

What you should see is you should see about three feet or four feetat the most from the ground and not above.

Because you can see all the beautiful children,flowers everything.

There is nothing very beautiful above that.

So better is to see only up three four feetif possible, to fix your attention, so the attention becomes concentrated.

And you feel very relaxed and relieved oftoo much of wobbling of your eyes.

Eyes are very important.

Very important, and as you will notice, becauseyou are all realized souls, that your eyes now have got a glint, a kindof a light in the eye.

And that light shows that you are realizedsouls.

But to keep it up you have to look at thingswhich are not anti God, which are not dirty, which are not filthy,which are against Sahaj religion, which is against Sahaj culture.

If you can manage that, it is going to helpyou a lot.


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