Best Online Healing Meditation Guide

Best Online Healing Meditation Guide

Connect and Recharge with Source Energy | Guided Meditation


Find a quiet space, sit or lie down.

Haveyour palms facing upward.

Gently close your eyes and draw your attention inward.

Begin your experience by noticing your breath'85 Watch your body breathe.

Let it all be asis and let your body to just be and to just breathe.

Feel your skin wrapped all over your body.

Feel the air touching the outside of your skin.

You hold a unique gift of imagination and I would like to invite you to use it for yournext creation here.

Picture, in a near distance a spec of lightin front you.

In your mind start to create as observe this beautiful and bright light.

This light is made up of colour or colours that you crave the most right now, check inwith your body to find out what colour that is.

As you breathe and relax notice that thelight is slowly making its way towards you and is getting bigger and brighter.

Thisis the light of our loving Source Energy.

Observe the light as you breathe and witheach breath the light is getting closer and closer towards you.

The light is getting so close now and it is taking up all of the space in front of you.

Feel this bright energy that is in front of you.

it is full of feelings for you andabout you.

The feelings that the light holds are the feelings of enormous Love and tendercare.

Take a moment to observe and to take in the quiet magic alone with the light.

And do curiously investigate what other qualities and feelings does the light hold towards you?Does it also have the energy of kindness? Appreciation? Clarity? Confidence? Take yourtime, tune in and listen.

Start seeing something moving in amongst thebright rays of the light, it's moving left and right, right and left, up and down, downand up.

And there comes out a beautiful butterfly,playfully flapping its wings and flying towards you.

as it makes its way closer, you noticeit is flying just in front of your third eye, a space in between your eyebrows.

The butterflyhovers in the air feel the wings flapping and creating a gentle tingle just outsideof your third eye, awakening your inner vision, inner sense and inner peace.

Feel the gentle, soothing bliss as your third eye awakens.

Now place your inner focus on the palms of your hands.

Tune into your palms.

Begin tofeel the same gentle tingle and a very subtle energy moving inside of your palms.

This isyour energy, the eternal part of you; your vibration.

Now gather up all of your energy by focusing on it, feel your energy within you and aroundyou.

Just feel that for a moment.

Take a gentle breath in and out.

Now bring some of your energy into a focal point in front you and begin to bridge yourenergy with the energy of Source standing before you.

Feel the two energies mergingand feel the source energy slowly and lovingly seeping into your being.

Watch the differentcolours merge; see the dance of energy happening within you and outside of you.

Feel all thequalities you could find within the light now to come into you.

Become and enjoy beingone with the Source Energy.

You are light and you are divine.

Use this charge of energy for the rest ofyour day.

Notice how it will affect all that you do, it will change how you think, it willchange what you say, what action you will take and people will notice the sparkle thatyou carry.

Share this divine sparkle with everyone through your smile, through you actionsand your words.

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Thank you.



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