Best Online Healing Meditation Guide

Best Online Healing Meditation Guide

Basic Tai Chi for Beginners | The Crane Spreads Wings Mindfulness Meditation


– Today what I wantedto do was work with you on a new movement called theWhite Crane Spreads His Wings.

(Chinese) Bai He Liang Chr The White Crane Opens Up.

(upbeat music) Hi everybody, It’s David-Dorian Ross here with another Tai Chi for Beginners lesson.

Now, this is a movement that’s found in many different styles of tai chi.

Today we’re gonna lookat a movement that comes from the Yang style or, moreaccurately, the Beijing style 24-movement tai chi form.

And I point that out because depending on what form you’re doing the movement may looka little bit different.

So today we’re gonna look atit as the 24-form portrays it.

First, I wanna show you themovement from beginning to end, and then we’ll break itdown, how about that? This starts out at the endof parting the horse’s mane.

(Chinese) Yeh Ma Fen Zong (upbeat music) (Chinese) Bai He Liang Chr The White Crane Opens Upand Spreads His Wings.

Now, let’s take a lookat the footwork first.

The footwork here is achange from a bow step, which is your tai chilunge, into an empty step, which is all the weight on one foot and the other footempty, devoid of weight.

Now, what’s interesting orimportant to notice here is how much is that stepup, how much is that change? Classically speaking,your bow step should be about double your shoulder width.

Now, this is very differentfrom person to person and also in the stagesof your development.

But let’s just take rule of thumb, about double shoulder width.

But here’s the thing.

No matter how long yourbow step actually is, the empty step is only half of that.

So you look down betweenyour feet and gauge, where’s the midpoint? Where is the halfway point? And when you do your transition, the back foot will step uponto that halfway point, shift all the way back onto it, take all the weight off of the front foot so that just the ball of thefoot is touching the ground, but with no weight on it it becomes empty.

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