Best Online Healing Meditation Guide

Best Online Healing Meditation Guide

A Meditation with Magrav and the Health Pen. A protective Prayer.


Welcome, my name is Sławomir Majda.

I run a web portal on how to work with prayers, with God, with affirmations and after a few years of running this portal, I have recently bought a few health pens made by Mr Keshe.

The parcel with the pens is lying here, still unopened.

I wanted to show it to my friends from the portal, as well as to people who would like to learn how to become protected against potential negative effects of using various artifacts, including devices such as these health pens, such as Magrav, as well as any other inventions which come from channelings.

Ok, I’m going to show You how I will do it.

And as my movies are watched by many clairvoyants, they can see how it looked in my case, respectively during the prayer, during the process of becoming protected, as well as during the presentation itself.

Dear viewers, Mr Keshe’s inventions such as Magrav or the health pen mentioned before and others come from channelings.

We have to remember that channelings are suggestions given by authors who are unknown to the receiver, as in this case to Mr Keshe.

Sometimes the receiver may know the author of the information, he may hide his name, but in most cases, the receiver takes a pen or a pencil and writes down the words that are whispered in his head.

We distinguish spiritual changelings, technical channelings – as in case of Mr Keshe – and channelings received by mentally ill people.

So there are three levels of channelings.

People who are not right in the head also receive channelings, some messages.

Sometimes they can intertwine.

I absolutely do not discredit the sense nor the effects of Mr Keshe’s positive actions in the physical area, that is his inventions.

On the other hand I have some personal remarks on the spiritual part of it, as he expresses some ideas, which in my opinion, come from channelings and they do not fit to this reality.

We should gain protection against such incoherences, ambiguities and little nuisances, as they tell us that something may be wrong here.

I have bought a few health pens for me and for one of my family members, therefore I want to use them in a creative way, I want to make use of them and become their beneficiary.

I expect positive results for me, for my family, for my friends who could benefit from this recording, as well as from similar pens or from Magravs used in their households.

Dear viewers, the first thing is to remember not to use such devices without preparing ourselves, without a request for God’s protection.

Why? Because we simply do not know who instructed dr Keshe about these devices.

Here, we are talking about the health pen and Magrav, but apart from them, there are plenty other inventions such as the Horus pyramids – some people put their heads in it and try to sleep with that – such as orgonites, such as pendulums.

There are plenty of such inventions, there are plenty of protective medallions, runes, various symbols, christian crosses, which by many people are told to work in some particular way, but in fact, nobody has ever seen how they work, nobody has ever felt their effects, but the rumor has it that their good.

We should pray about it, commend it to God, who is over everything, over all things which are talked about, over all things which are worshipped or created.

God is over everything, and I always turn to God with everything.

Dear viewers, the first sentence of my prayer could go like: “ God, I ask You for Your protection for me”, but please remember that we also have a Soul.

Most of you, do not see your Souls, therefore you don’t know what they are like, what entanglements they have.

We can only imagine them, therefore we should ask for God’s protection and that He cares about us during the time when we watch this video, as well as for the time when open such parcels, use or even build such devices such as: health pens, Magrav and other artifacts.

We ask for God’s protection because God has given life to our Souls, He created our Souls, He created us.

God, I ask that You open my heart, I ask for Your protection for us and for all who use Magrav, for our Souls.

By “us” I mean me and all the viewers.

God, please make everything here safe for us and for all the viewers, don’t let us be harmed by anything.

I emphasise that God’s protection is really important because we don’t know who inspired Mr Keshe, or all those who invented the orgone cannon or Horus pyramids and other similar inventions.

Neither we know what were the goals, aims, actions of such inspirator.

What is more we can’t say anything about the final results of using such devices.

Ok, I have got four parts of an electric conduit pipe and a few vials.

Again here we have some electric conduit pipes.

They give minimal protection.

Dear viewers.

I’m going to work with one device.

We shouldn’t take them into our hands in order not to make contact with these wires.

We should use some gloves, some protection.

Such protection is advised by the originator of this device and by the channelings.

It’s not about skin irritation, but about the energies.

Dear viewers, not many people can see these energies, not many people prayed about that, not many people healed their intentions in this matter.

Magrav, a device for saving electric power, is Mr Keshe’s idea from 2015.

It works.

The energies that it produces influence up to the 9th layer of DNA/RNA strands, up to the 9th layer of auric bodies.

Dear viewers, there are 12 layers of DNA and RNA strands, 12 layers of of auric bodies and auric layers, therefore a device which influences up to the 9th layer, which is very high, works on the level which cannot be measured by any human devices.

I suppose that the energies of Magrav flow up to the 9th auric layer and to DNA strands and remove blockages, codes, when we are in the area of its work.

In connection with that, people who use Magrav say that they have lower food requirements.

They eat one third of what they used to eat before they installed the device.

Does it mean longevity for them? Yes, in a sense, but technically speaking rather not.

For this reason that by “longevity” we mean that the Soul stays in one body for a long time.

This “long time” may be 50, 100 or 200 years.

Magrav improves your energies, your Soul’s energies and even your physical body I know that it works positively, but it doesn’t mean any changes on the spiritual level, so the Soul may have the same attitude while she is in a healthy or a sick body.

Therefore, various situations, accidents or random events shortening one’s life may happen.

Even though, the body at the age of 100 years may be still vital, young – comparing to other 100 year old seniors – but the Soul’s intentions which haven’t been changed will finally introduce the patterns of getting old, which after some time (as they haven’t been removed with prayers and with turning to God) will result in the end of Soul’s existence in a particular body.

Despite the fact, that such a healthy body could last longer.

It is possible that similar inventions were used in Atlantis, because both: The Bible and Edward Cayce tell us that people there lived over 500 years A man who was 800 years old wasn’t an old man, so they had some techniques which made such a long existence possible.

Maybe Magrav was this device, maybe it was used in that period.

The Magrav device is told to remove paine, but I wouldn’t like to talk about that.

It isn’t a good idea to remove the pain in this way.

First we need to remove the cause, that is some specific patterns.

If we have a problem with vertebrae, removing pain will not remove its cause.

Let’s take it this way – the vertebrae changed its position, and removing pain won’t make the vertebrae move back to its place.

I hope I’ve made it clear.

We have to remove the patterns.

Commend them to God Some techniques are suggested by Louise Hay in her books.

Of course, affirmations are also an option here.

A lot of information about patterns of Soul was told by Mr Leszek Żądło.

Also I publish this knowledge on my portal: www.


Pl (it has an English version).

You can read there how to remove patterns, how to pray to God, how to become protected against negative energies, beings and how to become free from our and our Souls’ entanglements and initiations.

By reading the articles published on the page we can learn who to remove the negative effects as well as energetic or spiritual, which may seem problematic.

Dear viewers, from the information about the Magrav plasma we know that it is the fourth state of matter.

There are three known states of matter: solid, liquid and gas.

Plasma is the fourth one.

If Magrav uses plasma, it is based on God’s energies.

At present different countries spend billions of dollars or euros to find a way to control plasma.

They try to create plasma or to storage it They manage to do it for a fraction of second by means of enormous magnets, while devices such as Magrav, these health pens or different artifacts of Mr Keshe use plasma, therefore God’s action is present in them.

God has agreed on such devices because He is environmentally friendly.

If the power consumption decreased, then the environmental pollution would decrease.

If thanks to such devices the fuel consumption, such as diesel or petrol fuel, dropped, then the environment and all animals, insects, plants would get better.

God would have less work to do with cleansing their energies and healing their bodies (bodies of animals and plants).

God would have fewer problems with all of that in comparison with what it looks like now, or with what it is going to look like if the environment will still be degraded.

For that reason, I think that God is also interested with such actions, all the more so He enables to use the technology which allows us to use plasma.

Dear viewers, before we take anything like that into our hands, we should pray to God and ask for His protection.

The reason why I am recording this video is to show the clairvoyants, who I work with, and all clairvoyants who are watching this video my energies before using the pen and during the time when I’m holding it.

I have no idea how long should I hold it – 15 minutes supposedly.

Do I feel anything? Hmmm It’s hard to say.

The light is flowing, but I’m not scared of the light.

I’m not ashamed of it.

Bright light fills my life, my cells, my heart, therefore this device helps this light flow.

In some way we can call it a “magic wand” for healing.

It’s not strictly connected with this subject but on a different occasion we should kneel and pray to God in obeisance so that He protects us from becoming such a mage with a magic wand, not to harm anyone nor to promote ourselves as an effective mage.

OK, I will take this one, the other one and these two other pens.

Let’s pray now: God the Giver of Life God is the Giver of Life – He gave life to me and to everybody.

God now we are asking You together with my own Soul, who can also be a beneficiary of this prayer.

God the Giver of Life, we are asking You to cleanse and heal our relations with the creators of these devices, with all those who have produced them, and with all those who produce or initiate such devices as Magrav, as these health pens and other devices, whoever they are, also with the beings promoting these devices by channelings and with Dr Keshe.

God, we are asking You to cleanse and heal all these our relations.

God, we are asking You for Your divine judgment between me and all these people and beings.

God, You judge us when we want to use these devices and when we use them, so that everything we do with them is in accordance with Your will, so that everything happens in the way You want it to happen, so that nor we with our Souls, neither the creators, the makers and the inspirators of these devices are harmed by using such devices as Magrav plasma reactors, health pens and other devices.

God, please don’t let us lose our lives or experience any negative karmic results which could lead to negative effects in time and space, beyond time and space, in all dimensions of our existence including next incarnations of our Soul, even potential incarnations, as well as the incarnations of other users, those to whom I recommend these devices, those who will receive them from me, as well as my family members.

God, we are asking You to cleanse all these four devices.

Dear viewers, trying to cleanse such devices, or commending them to God or to a higher consciousness by means of a pendulum or different artifacts, or in the way it’s done in Huna, is not a good idea, especially when You don’t see other beings’ energies and You don’t know who You are talking to.

This what we’ve just said and what we will be saying in moment is a simple prayer to God.

Believe me – this what we are asking for is now happening.

I’m feeling the flow of energy, therefore I will put the health pens away, not to hold them for the whole time.

I don’t know how long I should hold one device, or even two,three or four of them.

The request for God’s protection should work, therefore I hope I won’t get harmed.

Dear viewers, what next? If you read a book or a web article Note, there are hundreds of pages on auric bodies and on chakras.

There are detailed illustrations showing how they work and how the energies look like.

In such books or articles you will read that every human has got seven main chakras and a number of auric bodies, but mind you, this isn’t totally true, because each Soul and each human has got 21 main chakras.

There is a number of chakras in the chakra channel, above the head, there’s a number of them in the body, there’s a number of them beneath the feet – the total number iw 21.

We have got 12 auric bodies, not 7.

We have got 12 DNA and RNA strands.

We have got kundalini, rays of light, acupuncture points, side chakras, meridians.

There are plenty of such energetic bodies and each of them has got an energetic layer around itself.

There are also wings of the Soul with their own energies.

There are also 7 auric bodies and 7 auric layers on the wings.

Please remember that our Souls have such wings.

Dear viewers, saying that we care about ourselves without observing what is happening in our energies is a mistake.

On the level of the 7th chakra and above the Soul has various blockades which were put there by the Soul herself or by other Souls.

In this area many Souls have hooks, different blockades, attachments, horizontal plugs in different colours, even in black colour.

They don’t necessarily need be big, but they are located across the chakra channel and energy doesn’t flow.

The energy is reflected or diffused.

Some kind of a tent appears and energy streams down.

Dear viewers, when You pray, start with: “God, I together with my Soul ask You for ….

” This is the first thing we need to do before we start using such devices You should not start using them instantly but first say to God: “God, I together with my Soul ask You that You cleanse my chakra channel from You to me.

God, I together with my Soul ask You that You cleanse my chakra channel from You to my heart.

God please cleanse my 7th chakra and all my chakras above my head, so that Your light and the flow of Your graces, and everything what You give me, flow to me and to my Soul without any limitations, obstacles or blockages”.

I now forgive all those who once put various blockades, attachments, codings on my 7th chakra, above it and anywhere else.

I and my Soul apologise all those, that we had put similar blockades, attachments, codings on their 7th chakra, above them and anywhere else The next thing we should do is to cleanse the heart.

Here’s heart and the heart chakra.

Now I can feel my heart, and I also felt the flow of energy while I was holding this health pen on my head.

But now I can I feel this energy on my heart.

Let’s pray.

God, I together with my Soul, with my entire being, ask You to cleanse, purify and open my own heart, my heart chakra, my endocrine glands so that we could accept everything that You give us, so that we could accept our full healing and the flow of Your graces, the flow of Your light, joy, love, fulfillment that You give us, so that we could accept our life to the fullest, joy of existence and physical health.

God, I together with my Soul, with my entire being, ask You to cleanse, purify and open my root chakra and the endocrine gland which is located here.

God please cleanse and open all my endocrine glands located in different parts of my body.

God, we commend it to You together with our meridians, with our energetic channels.

God, we ask You to cleanse the flow of light in the way You want it to happen.

Now we are able to receive these energies.

Dear viewers, the total number of our chakras is 21.

I have a number of articles on how to clean the chakras.

I have different articles on how to clean the auric bodies, and respectively on how to clean the auric bodies of the Soul’s wings, or the DNA and RNA strands.

It would be highly recommended to follow these procedures holding such a health pen in your hands.

Why? Because I know it works.

This knowledge is obvious to me and I guess that the information how I acquired such knowledge isn’t needed at this point of your knowledge gaining.

Also not everyone is interested in it.

But it works.

If you follow these procedures (available for free at www.


Pl)- which are sometimes time consuming – using Magrav or health pens you WILL feel the effects of it.

In the prayer, where we ask God to cleanse all our 21 chakras, which may last approximately from 30 to 60 minutes, you will feel the changes instantly, even without the health pens or Magrav.

I have published a number of videos and articles (also in English)/ I recommend to You the film about becoming free from the patterns of unconsciousness I didn’t have such pen at that time, but the whole procedure is published and discussed.

I show how to do it in detail.

We follow similar steps with our DNA and RNA strands, we always mention them both: DNA and RNA, and we always start from the top.

The 21st chakra, which is the highest chakra The 12th DNA strand, which is the most remote one The 12th auric layer, which is the highest auric layer.

The auric layers surround chakras, auras, DNA and RNA strands God simply made it look this way.

An example prayer may go like that: “God, You gave life to me, to my Soul to my entire being.

We commend to You the12th pair of our DNA and RNA strands, and respectively: 1st chakra above our head”.

I think that if someone is skillful at praying he/she may combine all those things in one prayer.

However, If you haven’t got such experience in praying therefore you are advised to pray about one thing in a single prayer.

And follow the procedure with DNA and RNA strands separately Again follow the procedure with chakras separately, the same with the auric bodies.

You will have many feelings.

If you are a sensitive person and you can see energies, you will experience a lot of things.

Especially if you use such devices.

God, we commend to You our 12 DNA and RNA strands, our energetic layers, our highest chakra, the 12th auric body, the 12th auric layer and we ask You to cleanse, heal and free us from all guardians, witnesses, verifiers, from all our resistances, intentions, blockages, codings, nets, manacles, oaths, vows, states of unconsciousness, hypnosis, intoxications, insobrieties, patterns of drug abuse, patterns of drinking alcohol, patterns of hangover, from all numbers, letters, words, geometric figures which are encoded into us.

God, we ask for the same for all victims of our actions, for all those who we coded and initiated, to make make them now free from all those entanglements, according to Your will, according to what You want.

God, we ask You that Your Will, that Your Love, that Your Light manifest in lieu of everything we were coded with, in lieu of everything we accepted or we coded into others, in lieu of everything that we forced others to accept and what were were forced to accept.

Now we resign from being witnesses, guardians and verifiers of all of that.

We also resign from having such witnesses, guardians, verifiers with us and for others.

Dear viewers, we have just done the work with one chakra, one auric body, one DNA, RNA strand.

We can say that we are partly freed.

If you repeat this prayer starting from top to bottom, from the highest to the lowest level, you will feel definitely feel the effect of this prayer.

Now I have realized that one of the very first things I should have done was to tell you about channeling books.

I forgot to do it.

Have a look at this small collection of such books.

This one seems to be quite well written.

Here we have books by Neale Walsch – a man who channels God.

there are people who channel Sathya Sai Baba.

Different people can be channeled, even aliens.

Please notice that people who abuse drugs often see aliens.

In the United States about one million people report that they have met UFO – the majority of them were under the influence of drugs.

In the United States drugs are very popular.

Many people there take drugs on a daily basis.

Happily, it’s not so popular in Poland.

This book was written by Mrs Helena Blavatsky, and it’s well written and well translated.

I had also a different book by this author, but I can’t recall its title now.

Generally I don’t know now if it was the translator’s fault or text of the book was ambiguous and it was difficult for me to draw any conclusion from it.

I really don’t think it twas the translator’s fault.

Dear viewers, please remember that channelings may lead to possessions.

Patients of madhouses, people who are mentally ill also hear voices.

Someone speaks to them, they follow his/her instructions.

They become mad people, they need to see the psychiatrist, next they take drugs.

It’s a way to nowhere.

Please bear in mind that Mr Keshe uses channelings.

but he doesn’t have any signs of drug abuse, drinking alcohol or tripping.

However you shouldn’t follow his spiritual advice, let’s say, at least in 90% of it.

Of course, sometimes there’s something wise in what he says about spirituality But in summer 2016 he recorded a video, which I next saw and I can say that his spiritual advice is easy to discredit However, his devices such as Magrav or health pen shouldn’t be discredited.

If you are giving such somebody devices as a present, or if you produce such devices, you should also pray to God to protect and free all your body organs, bones, body systems, circulatory system, digestive system, urinary system, as well as systems responsible for removing energies from your own Soul.

If you are giving it to someone, please remember to pray in this matter before you give it.

Pray so that everything is done according to God’s will, so that your Soul won’t experience any chaos or confusion now or in her next incarnations, or in other dimensions, because we will be responsible for it.

Dear viewers, few people are interested how orgone canons really work.

These are metal pipes – 1 or 2 meters long – which can bought or made by yourself.

They make the aluminium present in the air disappear.

The aluminium is present in the air because airplanes spray it there.

No country will admit that their planes do it.

I have seen it myself, as I live on the Polish-Czech border, where planes fly and spray the nanosized aluminium.

It causes some lightheadedness, some blockades of chakras and auric bodies, we we should get rid off.

If there are clouds in the sky there are no such problems, but if the sky is clear then we are affected by it, we become light headed and less conscious.

And for that reason the orgone cannons were invented.

They really cause that the aluminum disappears in the air, but it appears on the land within several hundred meters.

My neighbours’ Souls come to me and complain on that.

They say “What are you doing? It shouldn’t be like that, we shouldn’t experience any side effects.

I haven’t seen presence of any beings in Magrav device, however, they may be present here (in the health pen).

We can pray to God so that such health pens or Magrav device worked only according to God’s will.

It is possible, but remember that it is not a magic wand and that our life does not depend from it, because then we will lose contact with God, and our Soul will become attached to this artifact, and she won’t cocreate with God, she won’t follow the way which God has for people and for Souls.

It shouldn’t happen.

Let’s pray now God, I together with my Soul, with my entire being, ask You to make safe these health pens, Magrav device and other artifacts which we use at our homes, which we recommend to other people.

God, please take control over it, so that other beings won’t attach to it or act destructively, no no matter what those beings are and no matter what their intentions are.

God we commend all those things to You, let those device serve for our and other beings’ highest good.

God let everything happen in the way You want it to happen and at Your responsibility, with all its consequences Thank you.


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