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和太鼓倭 [YAMATO] – Music, dance , plays, meditation [Interview 2016]


You may not know a lot about Japanese music, but once you heard the Taiko drums of YAMATO, it's more likely to want to hear them again.

Music, dance, plays, meditation.

the combination of all this fascinates the audiences for eight years now, after their first visit to Bulgarian.

YAMATO already haves a loyal fans in the country.

You traveled all over the world, but what is your favorite place? Oh that's hard! Bulgaria actually reminds us of Japan.

We love your yogurt, Do you like it? Yes! A lot! We always eat it all! The Bulgarian yoghurt is delicious! Absolutely delicious! We get yoghurt and we always fight to eat the most! Oh.

definitely Bulgaria.

What to say? We like the people here, their passion for music.

It is a very nice place, a nice country.

Bulgaria is our favorite spot.

What is the most interesting memory you have from Bulgaria so far? Actually.

I think the first time we came.

That's right! We got here for the first time and we go to our hotel, and there all the staff of the hotel.

are really pleasured it meat us! And then they greeted us with a kind of welcome yoghurt.

That was such a nice surprise! We all wore like "Wow"! Was it tasty? Yes! It was! This year the troupe will visit Sofia and Plovdiv with there new show "Baku on – Legend of the rhythm of the heart.

" The rhythm of the heart, which pulsates in the human body, sound that will follow us to the end of our days.

This sound, full of energy, says the ancient tradition of the distant past to the infinite future, passed from generation to generation.

What is different about the show you this year? We always use traditional Taiko drums and will not betray ourselves.

It's a tradition for YАМАТО.

But the show this yeas is full with a lot of energy, so this year we are coming with a very rejuvenated team because the young will deliver better the rhythm of the heart – Baku on.

Is there connection between the drum and the heart? Of course they are connected! Any feeling is expressed in the drum.

Whether you angry or happy, whether you pleasant and cheerful it's all expressed through music.

Аt least to me is like that! I express my feelings while I'm playing! And how does it feel to play in front of so many people? I do not really think about anything specific.

I concentrated on the rhythm, I close my self.

I try so hard to give my energy to the people, that I turn my self off from the surrounding world.

When I play, then I am myself, then I'm in my world.

What does YAMATO means? Where does the name of the band comes from? YAMATO is the old name for Japan.

At the beginning when we had no name and wore asked for a name, we just said YAMATO.

Then we decided to call our self's exactly that – YAMATO.

The group is originates from Nara Prefecture.

It is located right in the heart of Japan.

So we got our name like that.

And it's our way to have Japan in our heart, no matter where we go! Their first appearance outside Japan is in 1994 in China, where they plays in front of 20,000 people.

They go across Asia, and in 1997 are already in South America.

In 1999 they participate in the Edinburgh Festival where the critics are clear – this is music for the soul.

And so on for two decades.

The talisman of the group is the 50-pound Taiko drum with a diameter of nearly two meters, but the show has traditionally involved 40 different size and type of drums and other instruments.

How do you maintain your physical shape? These drums we use to train are between 10 and 15 kg.

During training we are doing exercises with the drums.

Every morning when we get up, we are running 10 kilometers.

Then we begin exercise with the drums.

We go to lunch and then we begin playing until the evening.

And what is your favorite dish? Onigiri! We ask them to show us how they cook the famous rice balls – Onigiri.

At the end of our meeting we ask the, when will they stop play, and they laugh: To stop playing? Ooo.

it's hard to stop playing.

While we have the strength, we will certainly continue to play, while our bodies allow us to play – we will play.

I am personally very far away from the moment I retire and leave the drums.

Everyone decides for himself.

I can stop at any moment and continue at every moment, but for now I'm definitely not stopping!.


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